I’m Alive!…. sort of

All right, so the other day I actually wrote out a nice long post about where I am with this blog, some plans for the future, a few life updates and then the internet ate it! I’m not having a whole lot of luck with WP these days. -_- So I’ve decided to include all that information again, but without the rambling in between so overall, it’s probably better. Hell, I’ll even divide it up by topic.


– I’ve been generally absent because I got through internet withdrawl periods where I feel the need to basically disappear off the face of the earth. As the updates become more regular I plan to stop that.

-A twitter and/or tumblr account will soon open to link back to the blog.

-My etsy store is going to get a face lift with a banner, logo, and everything.

– I haven’t been crocheting that much over all, and am now furiously workthing to catch up for Christmas.

– Updates will become more regular with me finishing my blog layout and I will open with some free pattern posts.

-Once things have calmed down for me on a personal level I’ll be adding new crafts as I learn them.


-I did not get chosen for the local craft fair, but that’s all right. I was sick anyway so it would have probably been miserable.

-A lot is going to be going on at the start of the New Year, I’ll keep up with what’s relevant.

-I’ll be adding a second blog linked to this one that will deal more with my personal life for those that are intersted in reading it. It will contain a personal mission that I have set up for myself as well as general updates.

I think that’s all the pertinent information. I’ll update again soon!


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