A slacker by any other name

Originally I kind of came here to whine about how I hadn’t gotten anything done while kind of insisting that I wasn’t whining about getting anything done… I’m glad I erased that first post.

Not much has changed since my last update and by that I mean both this blog and my life. I’ve been kind of sitting in the under construction section for a while in many ways and I think I’ve finally gotten the kick in the pants necessary to make a difference.

I’ve read a few books recently that’ve shifted my outlook a bit. The first “Steal Like and Artist”, is a fun, short, gift-book type thing that makes a cute, quirky present. There are plenty of decent, if not thoroughly fleshed out tips and advice in it. The second book, “Rework” is actually a part of the suggested reading list found at the end of “Steal Like an Artist”. I haven’t finished it yet, but so far it’s working on bolstering my resolve to actually get off my ass and finish some stuff. SO to that end I’m actually going to compile The UFOs of 2012 list so I can get started on actually finishing those projects and move on to some new ones. Expect to see the list posted tomorrow night when I get home from work.


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