Lists…..who makes those


So back in March I mentioned finishing that U.F.O.s list from 2012….and I’m sure everyone has noticed that it’s conspicuously absent still.  -_-  Who here’s a lame ass? *raises hand*  But I did finishing reading Rework and have moved on to some of the other books in the suggested reading list.  I have a huge pile of to-reads to add to my pile of to-dos.  I still haven’t gotten my living arrangements thing sorted out, though that’s nor entirely my fault.  The person I’m to move in with is having trouble scraping up funds.  If things don’t pan out in the next month I might have to rethink my moving situation.

ALSO I have applied for a more permanent position (currently working two part-time jobs with no benefits between them) and have my fingers crossed about being called in for an interview at the very least.  So that’s good news though it leaves me twiddling my thumbs slightly.  I do have a partial list of U.F.O.s that I’m going to go ahead and mention.  I’m going to try and work out a permanent list that always stays on screen, but that will require knowledge of html and fiddling with the layout, I don’t have a lot of knowledge about either of those so it’ll be an adventure!

2012 U.F.O.s (these include things partially finished and things I promised to start that I didn’t)

  1. Slippers (for my father.  These were started and then trashed because I hated what I’d started making so I’m kind of back to square one.)
  2. Hedgehogs (both a pattern for and a product as present for my friend)
  3. Purse (for that same friend, I have one started but I’m kind of loathing it so I don’t know if I’ll be trashing that and starting anew…..Argh)
  4. Kirk and Spock amis (these are actually pretty damn close to finished and I can’t seem to bring myself to finish up Spock’s limbs and give the pair some hair and stuff.  I think I’m dreading the hair….)
  5. Remlit (cute, psychotic little cat/raccoon things from Zelda: Skyward Sword.  This is an unfinished Christmas present… I’m such a horrible sister.)
  6. Fluttershy ami (for another of my sister’s.  This was also to be a Christmas present….*hides in shame*)
  7. Scarf (funny story about this one…it’s long so I’ll post it at the end) 
  8. Finishing up writing out my bear pattern and making up variations of ears and tails for other animals.
  9. A pac-man belt (Because pac-man belt)
  10. A baby hat for my friend’s newborn who is now not so new (it’s a yoda hat and I just have to finish up the ears.)
  11. A dinosaur for my nephew (I’m thinking baby T-rex)

Aaaand, that’s all I can remember off the top of my head.  I think a blanket is supposed to be in there, but I can’t even contemplate that right now.  

I have decided (though at this point I’m pretty late to the game) that I will be more productive this year starting this month!  I’ll set myself a series of tasks in my personal life to accomplish (like filing my freaking taxes… *gnashes teeth*), those I might write about in my other journal, but here I’ll focus on crafting.  Everyday I’ll work on something and make significant progress on it (measurable and obvious to clarify) or toil at it for at least an hour in the case of patterns I’m making (those take a lot of trial and error).  I’ll update every few days here, preferably with pictures, to prove that I’m working on things.  That way I’m accountable to someone other than myself.

I have a lot of plans that I hope to make some real progress on in the near future, I’ve talked with a few people about some future endeavors.  Let’s hope I move beyond mere talking soon.

For those that have stuck around: on to that promised scarf story.

Originally I bought this pretty purple, teal, and blue varigated yarn to make a scarf for a friend that was moving to Portland.  I only had a few days to work on it so I was carrying it with me everywhere and working on it whenever I could.  We were at work (note: we were also coworkers) and I couldn’t help asking her what she thought (without telling her what the scarf was for, of course).  She hesitated before admitting that it was nice enough, but she hated purple.  I panicked and on my break ran to the nearest craft store to buy a colorway that she would actually like.  So for a long while the scarf sat unfinished and I wanted something simple to do the other day so I picked it up.  I’d been about half finished when I stopped so quickly worked through the remaining bit and was working on edging it (because it looked kind of lame on it’s own)  and when I got halfway through I realized that I had originally started the scarf in double crochets…when I picked it up again I worked in single crochet…. T_T  <= That was me while I ripped back my edging and the scarf, but I really couldn’t leave it like that, it was draping really weirdly.  At this point I’m almost through the scarf again, but once it’s finished I might wait to edge it so I can have a bit of distance.


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