I have a new computer!  This is amazing and it really opens up some of the things I’ve been wanting to do.  While I will totally cop to the fact that there’s tons of stuff I could have been doing in the interim (finishing UFOs, writing out patterns, organizing more yarn bombs) I can now also get started on something I’ve been meaning to do, video tutorials!  Yes, I plan (in addition to everything else, cause it’s not like I don’t have unrealistic enough expectations for myself) to also have a series of video tutorials.  I know the first series is going to be basic crochet instruction and I might continue to more advanced techniques if the initial series does well.

My motivation was planted in the fact that I’ve had several friends ask me to teach them crochet, but I don’t live near them anymore (I moved a little over a year ago) so personal instruction would be difficult, but now it doesn’t have to be!  My other big motivating factor is that most crochet tutorials are BORING!  I mean, seriously, have you looked one up lately?  Everyone sounds like they’d really rather be doing something else or are hosting a golf tournament.  I realize that in general crochet is a quiet-ish hobby, but we battle the image of boring enough in the everyday that we really don’t need to be making it worse with snooze worthy video tutorials.  I want to make tutorials that aren’t just informative, but also fun and maybe funny.  I’ve got the basic outline of how I want to do the series and now I’m working on scripting them.  I might even get help from some friends and family to add to the fun. ^^

I can promise something to anyone who is bothering to listen to me blather, I am actually more motivated right now than I have been in a while.  Previous to this I was juggling two part-time jobs that wouldn’t support me.  I’ve finally been offered and have accepted the full-time position I’d been hoping for, I am better equipped (see: new computer) to actually update and share things, and I’m now looking for my own place.  I honestly haven’t felt this good about myself in a while. ^^  I’m also definitely going to start updating and managing my personal blog.  I don’t want to clog up the DIY blog with unnecessary life updates so most of that will be found on my other blog and will probably be more sporadically updated.  I’m also working on finishing up some yarn bombs (missed IYBD AGAIN!  (¬▂¬) ) and will post pics of setting those up along with a free pattern soon.  I’m also looking to organize a kind of last minute knit/crochet-in for WWK(C)IPD on Saturday.  As soon as I’ve got more info I’ll post again.

Also, side note:  I kind of like the under construction banner and I might leave it it or move it to my personal blog… Goodness knows my life is constantly under construction.

P.P.S. Super awesome yarn score today!  I got this gorgeous bamboo tape yarn for a steal at Tampa Upcycle.  It’s a great place and I highly recommend it.



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