All right, so something I didn’t mention yesterday is that I was supposed to host a crochet demo at the Etsy Craft Party in St. Petersburg, FL.  Unfortunately my new job conflicts with this and there’s no way to really fix that.  Sadly I will not be able to do the demo or attend the party, but anyone in the area who would be interested in going should absolutely drop in.  It’s from 5pm til 9pm and they have tons of cool demos and vendors to see.

On a more positive note, my IYBD might have been rained out (because it really, really was even though I did have several amis all ready. -_-), but I can still participate in WWK(C)IPD!  It’s weird that they say day and the event is an entire week, but that’s cool because I’m flexible.  So this Saturday I’ll get to host a Knit(crochet) in at the Roosevelt 2.0 in Ybor where the amazing Tampa Upcycle can be found.  The event’s going to run from noon to 5pm and I’m going to offering basic lessons in crochet from anyone who asks.

Since it’s so last minute I don’t think it’ll be a huge turn-out, but I’m still looking forward to the event. ^^


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