Epiphanies that I should have posted days ago.


EDIT: I actually wrote this days ago while I was at work, but actively updating your blog at work is a bit frowned upon so I saved it, but then forgot until now.

So I’ve come to realize something very important, as anyone who’s (inexplicably) bothered to read my blog will know; I do have an etsy store (It’s currently absolutely empty and boring, devoid of even the least slightly enticing logo or product to coax in the random curious person.  I’m working on finishing up my mascot and logo, I’ll have it out in the next week.  No, seriously I mean that.  I’m going to have tons of time to myself this coming week and I figure it’s a great time to finish up some projects.  No seriously!… STOP JUDGING ME!)  and since I’ve bothered to set that up I figure I should try to sell some stuff.  Now, there may be some great resources to be found online on various blogs or forums on the best way to run a small hobby business, but my first instinct is to go to a book.  Why a book?  Because I’m old-fashioned I guess.  Anyhoo, I look to books and in my search I’ve come across books that offer some seriously good advice, but about halfway through they veer wildly away from my goal.  See, I’m not looking to start a craft business at home that will one day sustain me, I’m not looking to break into main stream market, I’m not looking to grow my audience much.  I love what I do and basically want to make things that sell for just enough money to pay for me making more things.  I want to cover my materials and maybe a bit of my time, that’s all.  I’m sure there are plenty of people in my shoes, but there’s a distinct lack of resources in the printed world for us.

I’ll go on record saying “I have absolutely no intention of doing anything about the lack, I’m just complaining.”  Business is in no way my area of expertise, I have a B.S. in Psychology (yes, you’re allowed to laugh) and it’s worth about as much as it sounds.  Still and all, I suppose I will join those legions who bitch amateurishly about our difficulties with this subject while chronicling our mistakes and meager successes.

Who knows, maybe someone will get a book deal out of it all.


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