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Crafty Resolutions

I’ll start off with the list of projects that I’ve been meaning to complete for people (myself included) and then I’ll segue into things I want to accomplish this year.

UFOs and IOUs

  • Dog leg warmers for friends two Italian Greyhounds
  • 2 Mew for nephew and sister
  • French Market Bag for sister
  • Ice Cream Kitty for sister
  • Fluttershy for sister
  • Prepster Jacket for me
  • Headband for me
  • Baby hat for friend’s not quite as newborn baby

Crafty Goals in 2016

  • Design at least one crochet line
  • Complete and Upload Youtube tutorials
  • Knit a pair of socks
  • Sell my goods
  • Enter the Florida State Fair for 2017

As things get finished I’ll cross them off and update the list.


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