Super Fat Loots!


A coworker of mine was recently involved in a destashing project for her mother.  She asked if I would be interested in the stuff they weeded out and I, of course, said yes!  Who’s going to turn down free yarn?  Turns out it wasn’t just free yarn that I got, I was also given some cedar blocks as natural moth repellents, a yarn winder (YES!), a small hook case with a few hooks and stitch markers already in it, and this really cool knit kit which includes a stitch counter, some fold-out scissors, a tape measure, thread cutter, a pop-out hook for picking up dropped stitches (I would assume, it’d be weird to crochet with as curved as it is), and a compartment for storing stitch markers.

   I was also given some beautiful roving and top for spinning purposes.  A little while ago I was given a drop spindle to give spinning a go and now I just keep being given fiber.  I guess I just need to get spinning.  There’s BFL roving hand dyed in a riot of beautiful colors, super soft top from I don’t know what in soft greys and a warm buttery color, this roving of deep purple and red, and another that I suspect has silk because it’s so shiny that looks like someone shaved a unicorns mane to make it. XD  I only wish I’d had the lighting to really catch how beautiful it all is, but this will have to do.  I won’t be touching this for a while until I actually can turn out something decent from my spindle.

      In addition to all that I was given some lovely yarn.  Some of it is commercially produced, but there are lots of little skeins of handspun mixed in.  The circumstances around the destashing are sad and private so I will not elaborate on them here, but I can say that as I went through it I felt both sad and deeply surreal.  Hand written tags are attached to a number of skeins and balls with information like dates the yarn was spun or names of the dyers who lovingly put the color into the fiber.  I have literally been given hours of someone’s life with the gift of this handspun and I have promised myself that I will use it with care and gratitude.   

 I’m going to look through the yarn given to me and see if I have any that I can use to make a present for the coworker who was so kind as to give me these things from her mother’s stash.  It’s all beautiful, but I want to make sure I have enough of a particular yarn or two yarns that work well together to make the present.


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  1. So much yarn! I love that knit kit, so nifty.

    1. Otakraft says:

      Ahaha, I’m not even sure what to do with it because I have a pouch I already carry all my stuff in, but it is really nice.

      1. Maybe use it on a flight? I like it but I wouldn’t know what to do with it either haha

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