Making gifts is the best

Hey Ash, if you’re reading this stop.  Don’t look under the cut because spoilers await!

So I’m forgetful and completely spaced on posting last week, though not really.  I originally didn’t post because I didn’t think I had anything to share forgetting I had this.

Finished headband

I know it doesn’t really look any different from the one I ripped back, but that’s pretty much the point.  AND it actually fits the recipient! Yeah!  When it comes to headgear where fit matters it’s hard when that person isn’t around.  Sure, you can take measurements, but it’s just going to be imprecise unless they’re there to actually try it on periodically.  I would use my head, but mine is stupidly small so we aren’t the same size.  I haven’t gotten around to fashioning my own headband, but when I do I’ll make sure to post it.  But onward to more gifts.

The impending holiday season is starting to make me think about presents: As a side note, isn’t it adorable how people who don’t make anything by hand look at you funny when you mention Christmas presents at the start of September or earlier?  I digress, my mind is on the impending holiday season.  I don’t intend to go overboard with crochet plans.  For one thing that’s actually damned expensive if you’re buying all the yarn to make the projects instead of stash diving and I don’t have that kind of money, the other thing is that it inevitably kind of drives you crazy as you try to balance all that extra work on top of holiday stress.  The last thing is that I and most of my family lives in Florida, there is a distinct shortage of items you can make that won’t be kind of pointless and I’m not giving my mother coasters because I can do better than that.

Setting those things aside, I figure I can make at least one or two gifts for people this year and then I’ll figure out the rest.  I’m not sure about the second, but I know I’m crocheting a present for my youngest sister.  She has a really big appreciation for the handmade because she tries to live as sustainably and with the lowest carbon footprint she can manage.  Her Christmas and birthday presents actually tie into one another.  For her birthday I’ve been making her a bunch of produce bags because she expressed a desire for more of a mesh material instead of flour sack cloth which is what she mostly has now.

produce bags

I really like how they turned out, though I’m still working on that one in the back.  The one of the bottom left is a variant on Crocheted Produce Bag by Chase Clark on ravelry.  I changed it slightly to give a drawstring instead of the little handle she originally designed.  The others are basically on the fly by me and I’ll bang out a quick set of pattern instructions so anyone who’s interested can make some.  I actually thing the square bottomed mesh bag would make for a great little beach carry-all bag so it could be used for that too I guess.  They’re made with Lily Sugar ‘n Cream Yarn in Batik Ombre, Playtime Ombre, and Butter Cream Ombre.  I wanted four different variegated yarns, but I only had the three outside of one that seemed really somber in comparison to the others so I had to use the Butter Cream again, but it still looks good.

For Christmas I’m planning on making her a French style market bag.  I should have some jute hanging around and I think I have enough and if I’m a little short I’ll get some more or figure out a way to add a cotton yarn for the top few rows or something.  I’ll probably have to buy some nice handles for it, but that just means it will last for a good while.

The other gift might be to my nephew, but I haven’t worked that one out quite yet so I’ll keep you posted.  Also I’ll be getting started on my Mendel Palace/Quinty designs soon and I should post my huge pile of Tetris squares, it’s getting impressive, I might actually have a blanket by winter!  Next week I’ll post my quick designs for the produce bags.


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