What the hell have I been doing?!

As usually not nearly enough!  But I am getting into the Holiday Spirit this year by making some festive decorations and ornaments.  I’ve also got my sister’s French market bag to work on.

I’ve decided that I’d like to crochet some holly and mistletoe, though people tend to get those two confused.  Holly’s the dark green, prickly leaved shrub/tree with the red berries, mistletoe is a pale yellow-green round/oval leaved (depending on species) parasitic plant with white berries that you kiss under.  For the holly I’m using Attic24’s Jolly Holly pattern.  It’s quick, it’s cute, and it’s the pattern that I think looks neatest.  I’ve made a couple here.

No ends woven in yet…

But I think I’m going to pick up some smaller yarn and maybe wire and give that a go as well. I’m really interested to see how a wire holly leaf would look, if it’s cute I might make some jewelry.

For mistletoe I haven’t really found any patterns I like, so I’m going to throw one together as soon as I figure out how I want to do the leaves (read: once I’ve crocheted and torn them out in dissatisfaction a few dozen times).  I picked up some Red Heart Soft yarn for the project and wooo, do I have a rant brewing about that.  I’ll have to do a critical review of yarns sometime.

I’m getting started on my sister’s bag this evening, though I’m a bit nervous. 1. I have no clue where the jute I’m supposed to be making her bag from is. 2. I’ve never worked with jute before, but I’ve heard stories about the havoc it can play with your hands. 3. I’m making the design up as I go and I’ve never made a bag before, so this should be fun.

But the pros are that once I get going it should work up pretty quickly and be a fairly durable market basket for her.  A part of me really wants to sew up a quick lining for the bag when it’s done, but as I don’t have a sewing machine and I’m not sure I’m capable of that skill set, I might have to put it off as an upgrade for later.  The bag would still be useful immediately, but the inside wouldn’t be as nice.

I plan on being super productive tonight because I’ve got some movies to make things go quickly, some of them are even Christmas movies!  Who knows, maybe I’ll even finish up some ongoing projects that I’ve basically conveniently forgotten about until now. *cough* MLP design *cough*

UPDATE: Found the jute!


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    1. Otakraft says:

      Oh, yes I love a good Megan Murphy pattern! I really need figure out how I did the Bad Idea light bulb so I can post the pattern.

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