And Welcome to the NEW POSTING SCHEDULE!  My contributions to this little corner of the internet have been sparse to say the least and often it’s because I wasn’t actually doing all that much.  Well I am to change that in the coming year.  I have a list of goals on my other blog that ties in here.

These aren’t New Year’s Resolutions™ because when you fail a New Year’s Resolution™ it’s socially acceptable to shrug and say, “Oh well, I’ll try again next year.”  No, this is a goal which is categorically different because when you fall off the horse when pursuing a goal you don’t shrug and give up (I mean, you CAN but it’s not considered as socially acceptable) you brush off the dirt and try again.

To that end I’m going to try being more active in crafting this year which will be greatly aided by my new sewing machine.  Several of the goals on my other blog relate to this one, but there’s one thing I didn’t put into writing concerning updates.  I’ve decided that to keep me motivated I’d work on updating twice a week Mondays and Fridays here on Otakraft.  I like the idea of this schedule because I can show my progress over a week (and hopefully keep me motivated to continue working on things throughout the week).  I know I’m coming in basically just under the deadline for my first post of the new schedule, but it’s not midnight yet!

So update on current projects:

Mew is going well….

Despite my cat attempting to sabotage me.

(That’s as close to looking “evil” as he gets, he’s just a fluff-fluff)

It’s a fairly quick pattern, I just haven’t been devoting myself to completing it like I should. >.>  But that aside I have a small dilemma because I’m on only the first ear and I’m running out of yarn with two ears and a tail to complete.  Yeah it’s just cheap Red Heart Super Saver yarn, but I’m trying to weed myself off of acrylics for ecological reasons.    So I suppose I have to choose to finish in acrylic which will definitely match or try to color match in a wool or something.  I’m torn because it’s still ultimately a toy for my nephew, but I don’t want to commit to an entire new skein of acrylic…. Boo, well I guess my decision will be revealed on Friday.

I’ve also been making headway on the Prepster Jacket from Stitch and Bitch: The Happy Hooker which is good because the weather’s definitely gotten chillier lately.  Luckily I made sure to buy loads of that when I was picking out my yarn so no danger of running out there. XD

After the fronts are done I’ll have most of the jacket done, just pockets and making up from there really.  After I’ve figured out what to do with Mew I think I’m going to concentrate on finishing up the jacket.

In the acquisitions department I have a friend who was visiting her family up North and her mother is a knitter/crocheter/spinner who sent down goodies for me and another friend of mine gave me a batch of beautiful hand-dyed roving because there are so many people who are way too nice to me.  I even got a new spindle!  Next update I’ll include some pics of the swag and let you know how the new spindle’s working out. Until then!


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  1. Stitch & Bitch – The Happy Hooker. I’ve never even heard of this. But just by the title alone, it makes me want to buy it haha. Cats are hilarious when yarn comes into play. My cats give me the evil eye, too. But, my older one has finally given up trying to play with it. Thankfully 🙂

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