Prepster jacket it may be…

But I obviously can’t prep anything to save my life.  Less than a week into the new posting schedule and I’m already messing it up.  I missed a post last Friday and thought about posting Saturday, but by then it was Sunday so I figured I’d just wait until Monday anyway.  Truthfully it was a really busy weekend of running around and looking at potential living spaces because my lease is up in February and I’ll be damned if I’m staying at my current complex a week more, much less a year.  There was lots of disappointment all around for the most part, though a few promising options and I’ll be looking for more in the coming weeks.  I wasn’t a total slacker this week because I did finish all the pieces to my jacket. (This is Red Heart Boutique Treasure in Portrait, by the by.)

Wooo! Now I just need to weave in all the ends and sew it together.  I’m not terrified of f-ing it up at all! >.>  The more realistic fear is that I’ve taken my sweet time with actually crocheting the damn thing and I’ve put on weight.  I’m worried that I’m going to finish it up, it will look amazing and then it won’t fit me. ;_; That would be tragic.

In other news I definitely don’t have enough yarn for the Mew so I have to figure out what to do there and I’ll probably be hitting up a Michael’s this week to price out what I would need to finish it up.  I’ll also be working out the written version of the pattern for some produce bags I made for my sister and I hope to post those on Friday as well.



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