So I actually had a post ready for yesterday complete with pictures taken, but it was late and I got distracted so long story short I didn’t end up actually posting anything at the time.  Well, I’ve actually managed to get some crocheting done this week!  I’m testing an adorable Kodama pattern by the talented AmiAmour.


I would have finished it sooner, but I realized as I was making some row counts that I had managed to miss a row or two and so I was kind of off.  I could have completed it and it might have looked ok, but since this is a test pattern I wanted to make sure I was following the pattern exactly as it’s written (I’ve been down this road before with Skunki Brewster where I didn’t follow directions exactly and only realized after I’d finished and it didn’t look quite right.)  Once I’d finished it up I realized what it really needed was a weighted body so I had to pick apart my finish to add a polybead bag.


I tell you truly there is little in this world that works better than using a piece of nylon tied off, just make sure not to stuff too firmly so you still have some flex.  So obviously it’s all sewn up and just awaiting details before I write out my final report for feed back.  I’ll be finishing it up tomorrow as well as heading to Fiber Art Inc to pick up that yarn I was supposed to go get on Friday. >.> Yeah, that didn’t happen.

I’ve got a busy day planned tomorrow, both with the crafting as well as getting stuff unpacked and cleaned up from my move.  But since that’s more or less squared away: Yay for back to regular posting!

Until Monday all!


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