Disney, Spring Forward, Ghibli, Pi Day

Posting was light last week because I had a short Disney vacation this past weekend and I didn’t post yesterday because daylight savings is a bear and I was falling asleep ridiculously early, which I’m mad about because yesterday was Pi Day and I had a ton of Pi Appliques ready for distribution, but I didn’t get around to it, much like this blog post.

After the Kodama pattern test I was still feeling Ghibli and I’ve been wanting to try my hand at some new patterns so I decided to take a refresher course on the Loop Stitch.  The Loop stitch is pretty easy and straightforward and it gets some great results.  I’ll probably end up incorporating it into some more patterns, but if you’d like to learn it I suggest Planet June’s Loop Stitch instruction because it’s great!

Here’s the little looped bundle and after vigorous application of a pet brush (bought specifically for crochet project use)!  My own little Soot Sprite.

I think he turned out well, though the pattern still needs some tweaking as his pupils are oddly square.  I wasn’t very patient when I was brushing the yarn out and in the future I’m definitely going to take the time to actually untwist the yarn before I actually apply the brush.  It’s a really useful technique and I’m going to look into using it to make hair for my other projects.  I also got an idea for a another type of project, but it’s going to take work to figure out so I won’t say anything more about it other than it will involve fairies.

In additional crochet, but not amigurumi news I’ve finally finished the main body of the Diana Shawl and I’m starting the edging!  Yay!

That’s pretty much the most exciting news I have, though I am getting low on cyan yarn so that means I’ll be dragging out the multitude of tetris squares to see if I have enough to actually complete that blanket this year!  When I’ve made all the squares I can with the cyan I’ll pull them out take a picture to post.  Until next update have a kitty in a cossack hat (It’s really the head of the Kodama about half done and I thought it looked like a silly hat so I stuck it on my cat).  Isn’t he majestic. 



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