Brace Yourselves….

Christmas is coming!

Yeah, I know it’s hella early to be talking about Christmas projects, normally I would basically ignore that the biggest hand-made gift deadline of the year exists until mid to late November and then panic.  In years past I have attempted to make nearly every gift a crochet gift.  This hasn’t worked out for a spectacular number of reasons, among them that I live in a rather warm climate so the desire for crocheted things tends to be pretty limited.  I’m definitely going to be making at least three gifts for Christmas this year: a shawl, a pair of socks, and an Ice Cream Kitty for my sister.

Ice Cream Kitty reference GIF

My mother’s shawl is already underway and I’m really liking it.  I’m using a yarn called Freia Fine Handpaint Ombre in Whisper.  I think it’s working up beautifully and I really enjoy working with particular yarn.  It was pricey at $40 a skein though.

The socks I’m making for one of my sisters are going to be a special challenge because I don’t actually know how to knit socks.  I’m learning how to knit, but I’ve been pretty bad about actually trying to go for it.  I’ll of course knit a practice pair for myself first before I tackle a pair for her.

Ice Cream Kitty is going to be a special challenge because her shape is kind of odd, but I think I’m going to use Twinkie Chan’s Baby Groot as a kind of psuedo-template to help with general design aesthetic.

I’m going to be going through my crochet stuff soon to collect all of my UFOs to set aside for finishing.  If I don’t finish them I’m going to see about doing something with them so they aren’t just laying there forever sad and unfinished.  When I have that sorted I’ll see about posting it all so you can see exactly how terrible at finishing things I am!


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  1. It’s not too early to talk about Christmas. Never too early for Christmas!

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