Putting the Crash in Crash Course

That sewing machine I own that has long been collecting dust is finally going to see some action! In the past couple months the library I work at has started to offer sewing classes and workshops. The problem? There’s only one instructor right now and that just won’t do, so crash course learning it is!

My instruction so far has been to just do the project alongside her so I’m familiar with (nearly) all the steps. The other day I sat down and did my first project: a small, zippered pouch!


Sorry I don’t have in progress pictures or video because I can assure you there were memorable moments. My personal favorite is when you think you’ve messed up and furiously try to backtrack only to figure out that you didn’t originally mess up, but by trying to fix the imaginary mistake you’ve made an actual mistake and it’s terrible.

There are a lot of problems with this bag, the most obvious being that it doesn’t close quite right because the interior pouch is a bit big and I don’t think I can fix that without doing some serious tearing it apart; but overall considering I’ve never sewn anything in my life before (outside of some hand mending, but that doesn’t really count) I think I did fine… Ok it’s pretty terrible, but it’s at least semi-functional and it definitely could have turned out worse than it did.

I took my sewing machine with me to my parents over Easter weekend, but things were a bit hectic and I didn’t get anymore work done. My next project, which is going to be a personal one, will be furoshiki! Good for practicing those straight lines. Let’s see how that turns out.


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