Hey Commish! Alternative Title: God my hands hurt.

Last Thursday a friend of mine asked if I would mind crocheting a blanket for her sister’s baby shower. She has yarn and a pattern picked out. Now I’m the kind of person who, when a friend asks me to do something like this I’m usually willing if they pay for the yarn, my friend went one step further and said she’d pay for the labor as well as the yarn. Well damn, an offer like that never comes along so I, of course, said yes.
She needs it by next Saturday.

(I’m making it sound like she dropped an unreasonable deadline on me after I’d already agreed, she was completely upfront about her deadline from the get go. Just need to make that clear.)

Because of this and that I don’t have time to go out and get the yarn to get started that Thursday so I have to wait for Friday morning and when you’ve got a week’s deadline to do a blanket those hours matter. I got a really good start on Friday (I was off so I could just devote hours to the thing), something like 8 inches done. It’s a simple texture pattern that’s only two rows of repeat so it’s not like it’s hard though a variegated yarn was chosen. -_- I was really worried it would look like a hot mess, and the wrong side absolutely does! But the front’s actually turning out pretty nice all things considered and getting this pretty nifty wave pattern to boot.


This is where I am so far after starting last Friday, I measured last night because the blanket’s supposed to be a 40 to 41” square. I’m at 20 some odd inches tall here, but there’s a problem. It’s only 26” wide. O.o


Cue panic, also this is why we swatch people. I can’t rip it back to the beginning, I should have measured it right at the start! How did this happen? I knew 124 stitches as a first cast on seemed short, but then I crochet really tight so I should have known and bumped myself up a hook or two… WHAT DO I DO!?!?!?! Well I didn’t do anything I’d regret like pulling it back to the starting line, I could try something like adding in the extra inches on the sides after the blanket is finished, but that would probably look weird and it would throw off the existing pattern.

Because the pattern is kind of wave shaped my older sister suggested that I add a row or two of double crochet around the edge and then give it a shell border to even things out, but I’m afraid of what that would look like too.

Another option is to make granny squares to put around the edge and then stick a quick border on that.

I think I’m going to try a bit of both to see what looks better and make my decision from there. I’m working on it when I get the chance during my workday, but I’m mostly going to be working on this tonight. Wish me luck and also the ability to stay up ridiculously late making this tonight.


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