What Haven’t I Done?

It’s been busy in the craft department these 2 weeks…well, as compared to my previous weeks of… nothing or mostly nothing anyway. From crochet, to cross stitch, to jewelry making, and back to crochet I’ve been having some fun reacquainting myself to the joys of working with my hands.

Despite some grip fatigue and a killer deadline I did complete the baby blanket I was commissioned to do. It was about 14” off from the pattern (damn my tight crochet habits), but I was able to add a border to get a total of 30”which is a small baby blanket for sure, but not crazy.


It’s not a hard pattern, but I learned a lot about myself and what I could reasonably expect to crochet in a week while working full time. And that was after I basically didn’t work at all the Friday before the Saturday Baby Shower (I mean, I went to work, but I mostly crocheted). I would not try another blanket in a week, not even a baby blanket unless the pay was exorbitant. Two weeks would be completely doable though. Also, always swatch to makes sure you’re project comes out the right size. -.-

While I was visiting family over that weekend I started to experiment with cross stitch. Embroidery is something my sister really wants to learn and cross stitch doesn’t look like a bad place to start for me. Well, that is if you don’t pick out too difficult a project. The concept of the project I was going to try wasn’t hard exactly (though I’ve never cross stitched before so I’m not the best judge). I wanted to make the covered buttons in Storyland Cross Stitch.

It’s a fairly small project that uses 32 count linen. As it is I ended up mostly just practicing making stitches in a line on the linen.


These stitches are far too big for the project button, I really underestimated the skill involved here. I’m probably going to need to look up a tutorial or two to better understand how you’re supposed to approach cross stitch. In addition to that I’ve also checked out Doodle Stitching which is a broader introduction to embroidery and when I actually have a project completed from there I’ll post about it.

On Tuesday I led a program at my library for teens on how to make wrap bracelets. I thought my bracelet turned out well, which was a nice silver lining because no one else showed up for the program. 9_9 I swear getting teens interested in stuff is like pulling teeth.


Finally I’ve rediscovered my love of amigurumi. It started with a doodle project, a quick mini-octo that I ended up giving away to my boss. There’s no pattern made up because it was just a ball with some tentacles added to it more than anything. We got to talking cephalopods and my boss mentioned that his fave was the giant squid. I’ve seen a lot of squid amis, but none seemed particularly cute. Well I just had to do something about that!  Here’s a proto-type. I’m still working out a few kinks, but this actually *is* a pattern I’m working on! How very exciting.

I also have some bull/cow themed patterns that I’m planning on working on this month too so expect updates on that.


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