UFO Spotted

*Trumpets blow, Confetti drifts down from excited revelers*

Yes, yes it’s true! This day has finally come! At long last I have finished a project!

*Crowds cheer*

Ok, so that’s a touch dramatic, but considering my track record over the last year I’m going to take my victories where I find them. Here is the first of them: Behold! A completed, waiting to be blocked Pineapple Lacy Shawl!

And it’s done in time for Mother’s Day, which is good because it was supposed to be last year’s Mother’s day gift, then a birthday gift… Then a Christmas gift. You get the idea, I’ve been working on this a while. But finally here and now it is complete and I can actually pat myself on the back. I’m also working on tracking down some foam mats I can use for blocking purposes so when I have those I’ll definitely post about them.

I’ve also actually gone through my WIPs/UFOs like I said I would. Turns out there were more than I originally bargained for (why isn’t THAT surprising) so instead of a pile I have piles.

As for final judgement: Since it’s a large enough collection (and I actually do have ideas for what to do with chunks of it) I figure I’ll add postscripts to my posts with UFO updates.


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