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What Am I Doing?

Excuses waste time and I’ve wasted enough so let’s get down to brass tacks.  What am I doing?

I’ve finished full single ply from an entire batch of fiber.


It’s made from the cotton candy colored mystery fiber I picked up at Upcycle Trading Company, sadly now closed.  I really enjoyed spinning it up though it took me a while and I’m looking forward to plying it.  Because it’s all a continuous single ply I’ll be plying it back on itself, which will be an adventure because I’ve never done that before.  >.>  I have done a little plying, but it was on a wheel and with very different yarn.  I’m thinking I might actually film myself plying for the first time on a drop spindle for laughs because I’m sure there will be plenty of that as well as cursing.
I also completed a headband, basically the sister to the one I made my sister.  Yes that one from forever ago.  I misplaced the yarn for a while, then I moved (remember when I bitched about it endlessly?) so it was really misplaced, not that they were large balls to begin with.  Anyhoo I found the yarn again, the lovely cria, $10 per 90 yd skeins and finally made my own headband.

I rather like the way it turned out using the Harlequin Check pattern.

If you’ve followed my other blog you’d know about my love for You Are Umasou and Umasou specifically.  I’ve been working on a crochet pattern for him (unique shaping challenges there) that I think is coming along nicely. As it progresses I plan to post updates to twitter and tumblr (BTW, I know my tumblr theme is a hot mess, I’ll sort it out soon).  Anyone who follows me on tumblr probably knows it’s been pretty scarce on the DIY/crafty and geeky side lately and I’m going to work on fixing that.

In other news I’m going to be casting on my first pair of socks this month.  I know basic casting on and how to knit and purl a stitch so I figure I might as well jump into the deep end!  You’ll definitely see video of that attempt as well.



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In a shocking surprise considering I haven’t posted anything in about two weeks I figured I should finally post a thing about being on hiatus.  I’m not planning for it to last all of April, but I’ve decided that I’m going to work on figuring out exactly how I want to work on things and it would be best if I didn’t set a super hard date at the moment outside of May 1st.  I’m reprioritizing, considering what’s realistic for me, and trying to decide where I really want to expend my energies.  I hope you can bear with me until I get things back together.


Thank you!

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Caroline’s Birbs revisited

Ok, so a WHILE ago at this point I made a boat load of Caroline’s Birds.  They were part of a larger yarn bombing plan that also tied into the Art Assignment.  As you may have guessed from my absolutely stellar track record, I haven’t actually gotten around to doing anything with them and after my current move it’s kind of up in the air where they are now.  I’ll do something with them in the future, but that’s not what today is about.

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Disney, Spring Forward, Ghibli, Pi Day

Posting was light last week because I had a short Disney vacation this past weekend and I didn’t post yesterday because daylight savings is a bear and I was falling asleep ridiculously early, which I’m mad about because yesterday was Pi Day and I had a ton of Pi Appliques ready for distribution, but I didn’t get around to it, much like this blog post.

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Moar Yarn

Whoo, Sunday was a day full of adulting for me.  I’m not used to getting so much done, but it felt good.

 I finally finished up the Kodama by sewing on his eyes while I was waiting on my laundry to dry at the laundromat.  Working on him made me want to do more Studio Ghibli inspired work so I think I might try something this week while incorporating a new(ish) stitch (more accurately it’s a stitch I haven’t used in a good while so I need a refresher course).

 I also made it out to my L(relatively speaking)YS and got more Tandem yarn and Berroco Folio yarn so I can complete two projects I’ve been working on.  I’m also hoping break out the Prepster Jacket again to try sewing it up.  We’ll see how it works out.

I’ve already started back on the Diana Shawl, it’s a nice steady project that I can just work on, but I’m definitely going to doing some more amigurumi work this week too.  Who knows, maybe I’ll even have a pattern to post by Friday!  Crazier things have happened.

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So I actually had a post ready for yesterday complete with pictures taken, but it was late and I got distracted so long story short I didn’t end up actually posting anything at the time.  Well, I’ve actually managed to get some crocheting done this week!  I’m testing an adorable Kodama pattern by the talented AmiAmour.


I would have finished it sooner, but I realized as I was making some row counts that I had managed to miss a row or two and so I was kind of off.  I could have completed it and it might have looked ok, but since this is a test pattern I wanted to make sure I was following the pattern exactly as it’s written (I’ve been down this road before with Skunki Brewster where I didn’t follow directions exactly and only realized after I’d finished and it didn’t look quite right.)  Once I’d finished it up I realized what it really needed was a weighted body so I had to pick apart my finish to add a polybead bag.


I tell you truly there is little in this world that works better than using a piece of nylon tied off, just make sure not to stuff too firmly so you still have some flex.  So obviously it’s all sewn up and just awaiting details before I write out my final report for feed back.  I’ll be finishing it up tomorrow as well as heading to Fiber Art Inc to pick up that yarn I was supposed to go get on Friday. >.> Yeah, that didn’t happen.

I’ve got a busy day planned tomorrow, both with the crafting as well as getting stuff unpacked and cleaned up from my move.  But since that’s more or less squared away: Yay for back to regular posting!

Until Monday all!

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I said I’d have something to post last Friday, that was funny.  And I definitely don’t have anything to post today, because moving has eaten my life and I just don’t have energy to anything else.

I might actually have something for Friday though.  I volunteered to test a pattern for a friend on Ravelry and I’m hoping it will be relatively quick.

So let’s see if I can get my act together this week!