NaKniCroMo: What Day Is It?

So I’m sick…again. And that doesn’t really excuse the days I’ve missed because I haven’t been sick for the past five days, just two, but still. Another round of catch-up and then we’ll see if I can actually stay on top of this damn challenge.

NaKniCroMo Day 19: Favorite Project

One of my favorite projects I’ve ever done and I’m very proud of is the broomstick lace mobius scarf I made for my roommate.

I loved working with that yarn, but for the life of me outside of the colorway named Soleil I can’t remember what company the yarn is from. It was a joy to work with though. I actually had a lot of fun making broomstick lace and would happily do it again.

NaKniCroMo Day 20: WIP Wednesday

The blanket is done!

Well, more or less done. The crocheting is done, now I just need to weave in the ends and give it a good wash because I dragged this thing EVERYWHERE. Note: I will not do that again with such a large project unless it’s the kind of thing that’s done is small pieces and then sewn up later.

NaKniCroMo Week 4 Endurance:

Day 21: Project and progress tracking


Keeping track of projects that’s funny. Here’s how I keep track of projects:

Which as I’m sure you gather basically means I don’t. I’ve been known to abandon projects left and right when they get on my nerves or aren’t working out. Sometimes I’ll even forget I was doing a certain thing until I unearth it later.

As for keeping track of rows, most of my projects tend to be smaller so I can actually count the rows as I’m working to double-check where I am or they don’t require keeping track of that stuff. If however it is required I stitch mark the first row to remember and try to check off rows in the pattern as I do them.

NaKniCroMo Day 22 & 23: Biggest Project and Longest Lasting WIP

Here it is, my largest project to date (as in literal size, it’s a big blanket) and my longest lasting WIP at the same time. As you can see by the description I’ve been working on this Tetris blanket for at least 4 years and it’s still in pieces. I will say that the only person waiting on it is me though, so there is that. As to is it worth it?  I don’t know, I suppose I can answer that when I actually finish it. XD


NaKniCroMo Day 1: Share Your Goal

All right, so I’m really behind on these (I was out of town), but I decided I really wanted to participate in this so I’m playing catch-up. For those who aren’t super familiar, March is National Crafting month. Because people can’t just celebrate with a single event or something (yes, this includes me) there are those who’ve made the month into a challenge.  Enter NaKniCroMo or National Knitting/Crocheting Month. You can find out more here if you’d like to join.

This year is a photo challenge and since we’re already on day three expect three posts tonight and then one a day for the rest of the month. So without further ado:

NaKniCroMo Week 1 Day 1: Share Your Goal

This NaKniCroMo my goal is to make a base model for all 35 types of Animal Crossing Villagers… And I honestly don’t know why I do these things to myself.

A sample of the some of the villager types.

I’m not totally insane so I’m going to say that if I make it to a villager model a day I’m doing more than good, though I’d like to get all 35 done.

Also, while it’s not a hard and fast goal for the month I’m coming up on finishing this blanket for my sister so we’ll see how that turns out.