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Brace Yourselves….

Christmas is coming!

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Christmas Gift Update

Surprising no one I didn’t actually finish either of the gifts I was working on this Holiday season.  The French Market Bag I’ve been working on for my sister I don’t feel that badly about because I’d explained that the handles I’d originally planned to use wouldn’t be suitable and I wanted something with a big more heft for when she’d loaded it down with produce.

french market bag ufo

It’s coming along well, the crochet body is nearly complete and I’ll definitely be able to finish it because guess what I got for Christmas?!

sewing machine

I’ll be sewing up some straps that work down the body with this and I’m really looking forward to it.  I need to get a case so I can take it around easily without fear of knocking parts off, mostly because I’d like to be able to take it to the MakerSpace at the main library to get a crash course in sewing.

I was also working on a Mew using Wolf Dreamer’s Pattern.  It’s nice and easy to follow and it’s been working up pretty quickly with the Red Heart Super Saver I had laying around.

mew ufo.jpg

My nephew really appreciates the toys I crochet him and he’s been super into Pokémon.  When asked what Pokémon he’d want to travel with like Ash travels with Pikachu and he said Mew so Mew it is!  I’d originally brought the WIPs to my parents to work on them while I was there for the Holiday, but in the past I’ve worked hard to finish presents, but at the expense of actually socializing with the people there (I spent and entire Birthday Party like that one year).  I wanted to make sure I actually spent time with the people I had come home to see, so I put aside the projects and while I didn’t finish anything I had a good time with loved ones which I think is worth prioritizing.

That said I have every intention of actually finishing the Mew out before the end of the year.  I also need to update my list of Projects owed to people, because it’s terribly out of date so expect that around the New Year as well.

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I’m Alive!…. sort of

All right, so the other day I actually wrote out a nice long post about where I am with this blog, some plans for the future, a few life updates and then the internet ate it! I’m not having a whole lot of luck with WP these days. -_- So I’ve decided to include all that information again, but without the rambling in between so overall, it’s probably better. Hell, I’ll even divide it up by topic.


– I’ve been generally absent because I got through internet withdrawl periods where I feel the need to basically disappear off the face of the earth. As the updates become more regular I plan to stop that.

-A twitter and/or tumblr account will soon open to link back to the blog.

-My etsy store is going to get a face lift with a banner, logo, and everything.

– I haven’t been crocheting that much over all, and am now furiously workthing to catch up for Christmas.

– Updates will become more regular with me finishing my blog layout and I will open with some free pattern posts.

-Once things have calmed down for me on a personal level I’ll be adding new crafts as I learn them.


-I did not get chosen for the local craft fair, but that’s all right. I was sick anyway so it would have probably been miserable.

-A lot is going to be going on at the start of the New Year, I’ll keep up with what’s relevant.

-I’ll be adding a second blog linked to this one that will deal more with my personal life for those that are intersted in reading it. It will contain a personal mission that I have set up for myself as well as general updates.

I think that’s all the pertinent information. I’ll update again soon!