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Busy, Busy


Today is a full day of work followed by some quick packing and then some traveling so I don’t have much time to post, just an (terrible) aspirational picture that I hope to share more information about tomorrow.

froggy sketch

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Usually I’m Trash (bag), but today I’m Produc(tiv)e bag

So I thought I had Sunday off turns out, as with many things in life, I was very wrong.  Luckily this was pointed out to me by a coworker on Saturday (Yes, I worked all weekend.  I’m actually staring down 9 straight days in a row.) instead of me getting a really panic inducing phone-call on Sunday morning that would have left me irritable and possibly put my job in jeopardy (I’m still in the probation period where they decide if they want to keep me… PLEASE KEEP ME!) So I didn’t have as much time to dedicate to the noble art of hooking what with also needing to look for housing and stuff, but I did get a little done.

Here is the promised pattern for my mesh market bags.  They’re basically the same pattern, they have different starts.

Round Bottom Bag:


Worsted yarn in cotton (I used Lily Sugar ‘n Cream)

H (5 mm) hook


Abbreviations & Special Stitches in order of appearance:

MR= Magic Ring

ch= chain stitch

dc= double crochet

ss =slip stitch

st= stitch

For this pattern inc= dc, ch 2 twice in same stitch

Pattern notes: For the purposes of this pattern chains are not counted as stitches unless otherwise noted.  Do not turn your work, this pattern is worked in joined rounds.

Rnd 1: MR ch 3 (counts as first dc) 7 dc, ss into third ch of first st (8 dc)

Rnd 2: Ch 5 (counts as first dc+ch 2) dc+ch2 in each st around (8dc) 
Rnd 3; Ch 5 (counts as first dc+ch 2) inc every other st, ss in 3rd ch of first dc (12dc)

Rnd 4: Ch 5 (counts as first dc+ch2) inc every other st, ss in 3rd ch of first dc (18 dc)

Rnd 5: Ch 5 (counts as first dc+ch2) inc every other st, ss in 3rd ch of first dc (27dc)

(Ignore that last increase row in the picture, I realized later it made the bag WAY huge)

Rnd 6-19: Work even (27 dc)

(At last we pay attention to those poor neglected chain stitches!)

Rnd 20: Ch 4 (counts as first dc+ch1), dc+ch1 in every other stitch, including chain stitches.  It doesn’t work out completely even as you’ll have to skip two chains to ss into the 3rd ch of the first dc. (41dc)

Fasten off


Row 1: ch a 20 inch length

Row 2: Turn and sc back

In first end ch 3, dc, ss, repeat 3 times around the edge of the end. fasten off

Thread tie through the last round of dc by the unadorned end, once threaded through repeat embellishment at other end.

Square(ish) bottom bag

Row 1: Ch 21, turn and sc back (20 sc)

Rnd 2: (Do not turn) Ch 5 (counts as first dc+ch2), work two more dc+ch2 in first stitch working around, dc+ch2 every other sc, working 3 dc+ch2 in opposite end, ss into 3rd ch in first dc (22 dc)

Rnd 3: Ch 5 (You know the drill) inc in first st (that ss) 10 dc+ch2, inc, 10 dc+ch2 in each dc around (24dc)

Rnd 4-21: work even (24dc)

(Again, finally giving those neglected chains some love!)

Rnd 22: Ch 4 (counts as first dc+ch1), dc+ch1 in every other stitch, including chain stitches.  It doesn’t work out completely even as you’ll have to skip two chains to ss into the 3rd ch of the first dc. (36dc)

Fasten off

Tie (this one’s a little different):

Row 1: ch an 18 inch length

Row 2: Turn and ss back

In first end ch 3, dc, ss, repeat 3 times around the edge of the end. fasten off

Thread tie through the last round of dc by the unadorned end, once threaded through repeat embellishment at other end.

I’m sorry if those patterns are hard to understand, any questions I’ll be happy to answer.  Both the bags are really customizable and I recommend playing around with the number of increases or starting stitches to get a bag the size you want.

I haven’t gotten any work done on the Prepster jacket (read all my attempts have ended in failure), but I did get started working with some lovely yarn I’ve had around, Tahki Stacy Charles Tandem yarn in Northern Lights (it’s beautiful, sorry my lighting is terrible).  I picked a shell pattern and I’m going to make an infinity scarf out of it.  I’ll be interested to see out it turns out after a few more rows.




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Christmas Gift Update

Surprising no one I didn’t actually finish either of the gifts I was working on this Holiday season.  The French Market Bag I’ve been working on for my sister I don’t feel that badly about because I’d explained that the handles I’d originally planned to use wouldn’t be suitable and I wanted something with a big more heft for when she’d loaded it down with produce.

french market bag ufo

It’s coming along well, the crochet body is nearly complete and I’ll definitely be able to finish it because guess what I got for Christmas?!

sewing machine

I’ll be sewing up some straps that work down the body with this and I’m really looking forward to it.  I need to get a case so I can take it around easily without fear of knocking parts off, mostly because I’d like to be able to take it to the MakerSpace at the main library to get a crash course in sewing.

I was also working on a Mew using Wolf Dreamer’s Pattern.  It’s nice and easy to follow and it’s been working up pretty quickly with the Red Heart Super Saver I had laying around.

mew ufo.jpg

My nephew really appreciates the toys I crochet him and he’s been super into Pokémon.  When asked what Pokémon he’d want to travel with like Ash travels with Pikachu and he said Mew so Mew it is!  I’d originally brought the WIPs to my parents to work on them while I was there for the Holiday, but in the past I’ve worked hard to finish presents, but at the expense of actually socializing with the people there (I spent and entire Birthday Party like that one year).  I wanted to make sure I actually spent time with the people I had come home to see, so I put aside the projects and while I didn’t finish anything I had a good time with loved ones which I think is worth prioritizing.

That said I have every intention of actually finishing the Mew out before the end of the year.  I also need to update my list of Projects owed to people, because it’s terribly out of date so expect that around the New Year as well.

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Making gifts is the best

Hey Ash, if you’re reading this stop.  Don’t look under the cut because spoilers await!

So I’m forgetful and completely spaced on posting last week, though not really.  I originally didn’t post because I didn’t think I had anything to share forgetting I had this.

Finished headband

I know it doesn’t really look any different from the one I ripped back, but that’s pretty much the point.  AND it actually fits the recipient! Yeah!  When it comes to headgear where fit matters it’s hard when that person isn’t around.  Sure, you can take measurements, but it’s just going to be imprecise unless they’re there to actually try it on periodically.  I would use my head, but mine is stupidly small so we aren’t the same size.  I haven’t gotten around to fashioning my own headband, but when I do I’ll make sure to post it.  But onward to more gifts.

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Let’s Talk about the Birds and the Bees

So I’ve taken a small break my chain chomp design to work on a project that’s been ongoing/stalled out for quite some time now.  You may not believe this, but I’m one of those crochet dare-devils you’ve heard of.  Yes, a yarn bomber! *cackles madly*

As far as “walking on the wild side” goes it’s pretty tame I’ll admit, but it’s just the kind of social deviance I enjoy.  I’m not much of an artist, but I’ve always admired street art.  Adding a textile facet to it was just icing on the cake.  I even have a group, though it might as well be dead for all the attention I give it these days.  IF you’d like to check out the FB, you can find it here.

Yeah, if you followed the link than you know the page hasn’t been updated in nearly two years. >.>  My fault entirely because I was the major driving force behind it though it originated on Ravelry.  If you’d like to check that out it has had a bit more activity in the last 24 months. I’m going to try and be a bit better about it starting with my newest yarn bomb.

These birds (there are seven total) are not just my first yarn bomb in a while, but also a part of the Art Assignment that I’ve posted about before.  This one is for Stakeout.  I’ve done several yarn bombs, some recorded, others (many) not and I’ll get around to putting together an actual gallery one of these days, but I’ve never stuck around to see how people interact with them.  This time I’m going to pick a place to set up where I can see how people react and if they take them.  I look forward to seeing what people do.

This pattern is Caroline’s Birds by Marlo D Cairns, but I find it a bit hard to follow so I’m going to edit and repost it (obviously I will not be taking credit for the design).  I also altered the design a bit for myself so I’l probably post my design edits and the pattern I came up with for the wings.

I inadvertently dipped my toe in cliché town when I also decided to bang out a quick couple of bees to give to The HIVE, a Community Innovation Center located in the Tampa downtown library.  I like how they turned out and I’ll include their VERY quick pattern below.


Materials needed:

Black yarn

Yellow yarn

White yarn

Preferred hook (mine’s G)

Yarn needle


With yellow MR 5 (5sc)

Rnd 2: inc around (10sc)

Rnd 3: work even (10sc)

Change to black

Rnd 4: *sc, inc* 5x (15sc)

Rnd 5: work even (15sc)

Change to yellow

Rnd 6-7: work even (15sc)

Change to black

Rnd 8: *sc, dec* 5x (10sc)

Stuff firmly

Rnd 9: *dec* 5 (5sc)

Fasten off and weave in ends

Wings (make 2)

With white

MR sc, hdc, 3dc, hdc, sc (7st)

Tighten ring to form wing, fasten off

Sew wings onto bee’s back

I hope you find the pattern easy and fun, let me know if there are any mistakes.

Happy stitching!

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Shaping Shenanigans

Shaping sucks.

Not so much the action of shaping during crochet that, provided you have good, clear instructions can be quite pleasant because you see what you’re making start to emerge and that’s cool.  No, it’s figuring out the shaping of a new project that’s a royal pain in the patootie.  It all started with this unbearably awesome chain chomp cat bed on Pinterest.  I don’t have the building chops to make anything half so amazing, but it did make me want to crochet a chain chomp.

So I start looking into patterns.  Nothing feels quite right, some looked good to me but they all seemed to have their mouths closed and I really wanted one with the mouth open.  So I decided to tool around and try to figure out a pattern for myself (not a bad idea per se, but time consuming and potentially very frustrating).  I will fully admit that I looked up crochet Pacman patterns to get an idea of how to start the shaping, because I was originally at a complete loss.  I have two approaches I’m going to be trying and I started with the first last night.

The first effort was….well it went so poorly that I ripped it back out immediately and didn’t even bother with a pic of it.  My second effort was slightly better in that it was moving in the rightish direction.  Still came out looking like the chain chomp had an under-bite that would make King Charles II of Spain jealous.  Unfortunately I had fastened him off and hidden his ends so much that digging it all out again seemed like way too much effort.  So I moved on and now it’s a cat toy.

In this case the third time wasn’t a charm exactly, but it did look a whole hell of a lot better.  Still looks really awkward, partially because it’s not stuffed and hollow, more because it’s not quite a circle, it’s this really wonky shape that I’m not really sure what to do with.  Hmmm, well I did the thing where I wove in the ends here too, so I’m still not sure if I’m going to rescue the yarn, depends how I’m feeling tonight.

I also had to rip back the ENTIRE shawl I’d been doing because I realized that when I “fixed” a problem with the design I was setting myself up to make blocking it out to be an actual triangle difficult if not impossible.  So I’m back to triangle one on that project, but it does work up nicely.


Well, those are most of the projects I’ve been working on. When new and interesting things come up I’ll post more.