Welcome first stirrings of Spring! (Or if you live in Florida like I do, basically the beginning of summer) It’s a time of tentative new beginnings, change and hope. Traditionally the very first seedlings of the year would be started around now, it’s a good time of year for new projects and new beginnings of all kinds. Continue reading


Holidays without Religion

(Celtic Tree of Life from Symbol Dictionary)

Religion is a strange subject for me on many levels. I was raised in an Episcopal household that was fairly religious in that we would go to church every Sunday and my mother and by extension all her children were fairly involved in various church functions and organizations like the Youth Group and bible study. She was and continues to be very religious, but at the same time I think the biggest reason she volunteered with the church so much is that it provided a great support and social network for her. She had and, I assume, continues to have good friends through her church. Continue reading