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Epiphanies that I should have posted days ago.

EDIT: I actually wrote this days ago while I was at work, but actively updating your blog at work is a bit frowned upon so I saved it, but then forgot until now.

So I’ve come to realize something very important, as anyone who’s (inexplicably) bothered to read my blog will know; I do have an etsy store (It’s currently absolutely empty and boring, devoid of even the least slightly enticing logo or product to coax in the random curious person.  I’m working on finishing up my mascot and logo, I’ll have it out in the next week.  No, seriously I mean that.  I’m going to have tons of time to myself this coming week and I figure it’s a great time to finish up some projects.  No seriously!… STOP JUDGING ME!)  and since I’ve bothered to set that up I figure I should try to sell some stuff.  Now, there may be some great resources to be found online on various blogs or forums on the best way to run a small hobby business, but my first instinct is to go to a book.  Why a book?  Because I’m old-fashioned I guess.  Anyhoo, I look to books and in my search I’ve come across books that offer some seriously good advice, but about halfway through they veer wildly away from my goal.  See, I’m not looking to start a craft business at home that will one day sustain me, I’m not looking to break into main stream market, I’m not looking to grow my audience much.  I love what I do and basically want to make things that sell for just enough money to pay for me making more things.  I want to cover my materials and maybe a bit of my time, that’s all.  I’m sure there are plenty of people in my shoes, but there’s a distinct lack of resources in the printed world for us.

I’ll go on record saying “I have absolutely no intention of doing anything about the lack, I’m just complaining.”  Business is in no way my area of expertise, I have a B.S. in Psychology (yes, you’re allowed to laugh) and it’s worth about as much as it sounds.  Still and all, I suppose I will join those legions who bitch amateurishly about our difficulties with this subject while chronicling our mistakes and meager successes.

Who knows, maybe someone will get a book deal out of it all.

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I have a new computer!  This is amazing and it really opens up some of the things I’ve been wanting to do.  While I will totally cop to the fact that there’s tons of stuff I could have been doing in the interim (finishing UFOs, writing out patterns, organizing more yarn bombs) I can now also get started on something I’ve been meaning to do, video tutorials!  Yes, I plan (in addition to everything else, cause it’s not like I don’t have unrealistic enough expectations for myself) to also have a series of video tutorials.  I know the first series is going to be basic crochet instruction and I might continue to more advanced techniques if the initial series does well.

My motivation was planted in the fact that I’ve had several friends ask me to teach them crochet, but I don’t live near them anymore (I moved a little over a year ago) so personal instruction would be difficult, but now it doesn’t have to be!  My other big motivating factor is that most crochet tutorials are BORING!  I mean, seriously, have you looked one up lately?  Everyone sounds like they’d really rather be doing something else or are hosting a golf tournament.  I realize that in general crochet is a quiet-ish hobby, but we battle the image of boring enough in the everyday that we really don’t need to be making it worse with snooze worthy video tutorials.  I want to make tutorials that aren’t just informative, but also fun and maybe funny.  I’ve got the basic outline of how I want to do the series and now I’m working on scripting them.  I might even get help from some friends and family to add to the fun. ^^

I can promise something to anyone who is bothering to listen to me blather, I am actually more motivated right now than I have been in a while.  Previous to this I was juggling two part-time jobs that wouldn’t support me.  I’ve finally been offered and have accepted the full-time position I’d been hoping for, I am better equipped (see: new computer) to actually update and share things, and I’m now looking for my own place.  I honestly haven’t felt this good about myself in a while. ^^  I’m also definitely going to start updating and managing my personal blog.  I don’t want to clog up the DIY blog with unnecessary life updates so most of that will be found on my other blog and will probably be more sporadically updated.  I’m also working on finishing up some yarn bombs (missed IYBD AGAIN!  (¬▂¬) ) and will post pics of setting those up along with a free pattern soon.  I’m also looking to organize a kind of last minute knit/crochet-in for WWK(C)IPD on Saturday.  As soon as I’ve got more info I’ll post again.

Also, side note:  I kind of like the under construction banner and I might leave it it or move it to my personal blog… Goodness knows my life is constantly under construction.

P.P.S. Super awesome yarn score today!  I got this gorgeous bamboo tape yarn for a steal at Tampa Upcycle.  It’s a great place and I highly recommend it.


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Lists…..who makes those

So back in March I mentioned finishing that U.F.O.s list from 2012….and I’m sure everyone has noticed that it’s conspicuously absent still.  -_-  Who here’s a lame ass? *raises hand*  But I did finishing reading Rework and have moved on to some of the other books in the suggested reading list.  I have a huge pile of to-reads to add to my pile of to-dos.  I still haven’t gotten my living arrangements thing sorted out, though that’s nor entirely my fault.  The person I’m to move in with is having trouble scraping up funds.  If things don’t pan out in the next month I might have to rethink my moving situation.

ALSO I have applied for a more permanent position (currently working two part-time jobs with no benefits between them) and have my fingers crossed about being called in for an interview at the very least.  So that’s good news though it leaves me twiddling my thumbs slightly.  I do have a partial list of U.F.O.s that I’m going to go ahead and mention.  I’m going to try and work out a permanent list that always stays on screen, but that will require knowledge of html and fiddling with the layout, I don’t have a lot of knowledge about either of those so it’ll be an adventure!

2012 U.F.O.s (these include things partially finished and things I promised to start that I didn’t)

  1. Slippers (for my father.  These were started and then trashed because I hated what I’d started making so I’m kind of back to square one.)
  2. Hedgehogs (both a pattern for and a product as present for my friend)
  3. Purse (for that same friend, I have one started but I’m kind of loathing it so I don’t know if I’ll be trashing that and starting anew…..Argh)
  4. Kirk and Spock amis (these are actually pretty damn close to finished and I can’t seem to bring myself to finish up Spock’s limbs and give the pair some hair and stuff.  I think I’m dreading the hair….)
  5. Remlit (cute, psychotic little cat/raccoon things from Zelda: Skyward Sword.  This is an unfinished Christmas present… I’m such a horrible sister.)
  6. Fluttershy ami (for another of my sister’s.  This was also to be a Christmas present….*hides in shame*)
  7. Scarf (funny story about this one…it’s long so I’ll post it at the end) 
  8. Finishing up writing out my bear pattern and making up variations of ears and tails for other animals.
  9. A pac-man belt (Because pac-man belt)
  10. A baby hat for my friend’s newborn who is now not so new (it’s a yoda hat and I just have to finish up the ears.)
  11. A dinosaur for my nephew (I’m thinking baby T-rex)

Aaaand, that’s all I can remember off the top of my head.  I think a blanket is supposed to be in there, but I can’t even contemplate that right now.  

I have decided (though at this point I’m pretty late to the game) that I will be more productive this year starting this month!  I’ll set myself a series of tasks in my personal life to accomplish (like filing my freaking taxes… *gnashes teeth*), those I might write about in my other journal, but here I’ll focus on crafting.  Everyday I’ll work on something and make significant progress on it (measurable and obvious to clarify) or toil at it for at least an hour in the case of patterns I’m making (those take a lot of trial and error).  I’ll update every few days here, preferably with pictures, to prove that I’m working on things.  That way I’m accountable to someone other than myself.

I have a lot of plans that I hope to make some real progress on in the near future, I’ve talked with a few people about some future endeavors.  Let’s hope I move beyond mere talking soon.

For those that have stuck around: on to that promised scarf story.

Originally I bought this pretty purple, teal, and blue varigated yarn to make a scarf for a friend that was moving to Portland.  I only had a few days to work on it so I was carrying it with me everywhere and working on it whenever I could.  We were at work (note: we were also coworkers) and I couldn’t help asking her what she thought (without telling her what the scarf was for, of course).  She hesitated before admitting that it was nice enough, but she hated purple.  I panicked and on my break ran to the nearest craft store to buy a colorway that she would actually like.  So for a long while the scarf sat unfinished and I wanted something simple to do the other day so I picked it up.  I’d been about half finished when I stopped so quickly worked through the remaining bit and was working on edging it (because it looked kind of lame on it’s own)  and when I got halfway through I realized that I had originally started the scarf in double crochets…when I picked it up again I worked in single crochet…. T_T  <= That was me while I ripped back my edging and the scarf, but I really couldn’t leave it like that, it was draping really weirdly.  At this point I’m almost through the scarf again, but once it’s finished I might wait to edge it so I can have a bit of distance.

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Moar Posts!

I have gleaned a new method of posting! I recently updated my phone and caved to iPhone mania and just now got the WordPress app. While I don’t think it’ll become my main method of posting I do think it will help with my updating efforts.

So it’s a new year and I intend to fill every minute of it I can. I’ve got an incomplete Resolutions list for 2013 and included on that is finishing up every project I didn’t in 2012. I’ll be collecting a complete list of all my unfinished crochet and posting it so I’ll be accountable to more than myself and those the projects were intended for.

I’m also resolved to yarn bomb at least once a month. The group I’m part of, the Amigurumi Yarn Bomb Squad, has a Facebook page if anyone is interested. We’re always accepting new members as well!

My last big resolution has to do with my personal blog and completing a project I outlined over a year ago. I’ve got a 30 before 30 list to complete in the next 2 years and anyone interested in coming along for the ride is more than welcome. I’ll post about it in more detail when the other blog is up and running.

Wow, this ended up being a longer post than I thought and all from my phone. XD

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I’m Alive!…. sort of

All right, so the other day I actually wrote out a nice long post about where I am with this blog, some plans for the future, a few life updates and then the internet ate it! I’m not having a whole lot of luck with WP these days. -_- So I’ve decided to include all that information again, but without the rambling in between so overall, it’s probably better. Hell, I’ll even divide it up by topic.


– I’ve been generally absent because I got through internet withdrawl periods where I feel the need to basically disappear off the face of the earth. As the updates become more regular I plan to stop that.

-A twitter and/or tumblr account will soon open to link back to the blog.

-My etsy store is going to get a face lift with a banner, logo, and everything.

– I haven’t been crocheting that much over all, and am now furiously workthing to catch up for Christmas.

– Updates will become more regular with me finishing my blog layout and I will open with some free pattern posts.

-Once things have calmed down for me on a personal level I’ll be adding new crafts as I learn them.


-I did not get chosen for the local craft fair, but that’s all right. I was sick anyway so it would have probably been miserable.

-A lot is going to be going on at the start of the New Year, I’ll keep up with what’s relevant.

-I’ll be adding a second blog linked to this one that will deal more with my personal life for those that are intersted in reading it. It will contain a personal mission that I have set up for myself as well as general updates.

I think that’s all the pertinent information. I’ll update again soon!

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Coming Soon!

(For full effect read next sentence if the voice of Dr. Farnsworth)

Good news everyone!

There have been a few very positive developments lately.  A local con has brought a talented artist to my door (all right, it’s my boyfriend’s door as I’m mooching off him for the time being, but she’s still in the area) and I’m looking into hiring her to do my logo! Kitsune is an artist that I’ve admired for years and have recently been given the pleasure of getting to know on a personal level.  I can’t guarantee the fit of her art to my logo, but I thought I’d at least talk to her.  This also gives me an excuse to check out Necronomicon, which I’ve been a bit curious about.  I’m not going to be spending money on a ticket (can’t afford it anyway), but I figure I can ghost the room a bit or something.  We’ll see.

Next on the list is the exciting local event that’s occurring at one of my favorite Ybor City stores, Tampa Upcycle.  They may not carry the nicest yarns all the time, but I do love the recycle attitude they have.  Not to mention, I scored a TON of really nice, vintage safety eyes for practically nothing!  This December they’re going to hold a local craft fair and I’m hoping to get in as a vendor.  I’ve got a lot of work to finish up before then if I want to be a vendor though.  I have to finish setting up my etsy store (which I will absolutely link back here when it’s finished) and put up some nice pictures.  It is juried so wish me luck on the selection committee!

As always in the world of Otakraft, I’m procrastinating a bit though and I really should get around to finishing up my keychain/cell strap patterns.  I’m also hoping to make up some crochet jewelry and hair accessories to round my presentation out a bit.  Maybe bang out a bag or two… 

Things are getting busy, but I have every intention of keeping up with this blog to keep everyone informed.  I’ll also be adding a tumblr or twitter and a facebook in the near future so you can look for updates there as well.

Well, I’m off to craft.  Take care everyone!