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Disney, Spring Forward, Ghibli, Pi Day

Posting was light last week because I had a short Disney vacation this past weekend and I didn’t post yesterday because daylight savings is a bear and I was falling asleep ridiculously early, which I’m mad about because yesterday was Pi Day and I had a ton of Pi Appliques ready for distribution, but I didn’t get around to it, much like this blog post.

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Pi and Bunnies!

Wow, something actually concrete to add!  Today I come bearing patterns!  Well, one pattern.  In March I worked up a quick Pi Appliqué for Pi Day.  I made several and left them out for others to find.  Sadly I didn’t take pictures of where I left them, just the finished pile of Pis.  I had honestly meant to upload this sooner, but I just hadn’t bothered to actually type it up, but now here it is.  I’d love feedback, let me know if it’s too hard to understand or if the format is confusing.

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