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Putting the Crash in Crash Course

That sewing machine I own that has long been collecting dust is finally going to see some action! In the past couple months the library I work at has started to offer sewing classes and workshops. The problem? There’s only one instructor right now and that just won’t do, so crash course learning it is! Continue reading “Putting the Crash in Crash Course”

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Disney, Spring Forward, Ghibli, Pi Day

Posting was light last week because I had a short Disney vacation this past weekend and I didn’t post yesterday because daylight savings is a bear and I was falling asleep ridiculously early, which I’m mad about because yesterday was Pi Day and I had a ton of Pi Appliques ready for distribution, but I didn’t get around to it, much like this blog post.

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These are the ends I die upon…

I’m being a tad overdramatic here, I know, but I have to confess that sewing up a garment is a shockingly  nerve-wracking experience.  The other night I sewed up the shoulder seams and they turned out BEAUTIFUL!

I was incredibly proud that I I only had to undo my sewing once on the first shoulder and they both turned out nicely.

I was a bit surprised that it was so easy and I would have continued on except that my sweet Tacheton decided he wanted to help (by which I mean he wanted to sleep on it). 
So that was a bit derailing and I figured I could save the sleeves for tonight, they shouldn’t take me more than an hour, right?


Foolish, so foolish.  I have since realized that sleeves are a special kind of jigsaw puzzle that require a lot of careful sewing to actually make look even remotely nice. *hint* I have yet to succeed in making even half a sleeve look nice.  I’ve been aiming for an interior seam as I was advised by a fellow crafter, but she works with knitting so things work a bit different.  I’ll try sewing it up from the exterior and if I can make it look good I’ll go with that, but I’m also tempted to try running a row of slip-stitching all along the edge I have to sew and see if that would work as a guide.

This may have to wait until Sunday, but I’ll let you know by Monday how it all went down.  For now I’m going to relax with some easy produce bag crochet.