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Christmas Gift Update

Surprising no one I didn’t actually finish either of the gifts I was working on this Holiday season.  The French Market Bag I’ve been working on for my sister I don’t feel that badly about because I’d explained that the handles I’d originally planned to use wouldn’t be suitable and I wanted something with a big more heft for when she’d loaded it down with produce.

french market bag ufo

It’s coming along well, the crochet body is nearly complete and I’ll definitely be able to finish it because guess what I got for Christmas?!

sewing machine

I’ll be sewing up some straps that work down the body with this and I’m really looking forward to it.  I need to get a case so I can take it around easily without fear of knocking parts off, mostly because I’d like to be able to take it to the MakerSpace at the main library to get a crash course in sewing.

I was also working on a Mew using Wolf Dreamer’s Pattern.  It’s nice and easy to follow and it’s been working up pretty quickly with the Red Heart Super Saver I had laying around.

mew ufo.jpg

My nephew really appreciates the toys I crochet him and he’s been super into Pokémon.  When asked what Pokémon he’d want to travel with like Ash travels with Pikachu and he said Mew so Mew it is!  I’d originally brought the WIPs to my parents to work on them while I was there for the Holiday, but in the past I’ve worked hard to finish presents, but at the expense of actually socializing with the people there (I spent and entire Birthday Party like that one year).  I wanted to make sure I actually spent time with the people I had come home to see, so I put aside the projects and while I didn’t finish anything I had a good time with loved ones which I think is worth prioritizing.

That said I have every intention of actually finishing the Mew out before the end of the year.  I also need to update my list of Projects owed to people, because it’s terribly out of date so expect that around the New Year as well.

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The story so far….

So all those Tetris squares I had finished?  This is what they look like now.

first pile of yarn 

I realized that if I wanted to use the zipper stitch to attach them together (which I do, it’s a very nice look), the edging I’d given them would get in the way.  Why didn’t I just take off the edging?  I did for a few of them, but most didn’t have enough end yarn to finish off the squares so I had to unravel them so I can rework them slightly better.  Turns out this isn’t such a big deal for my poor Tetris blanket though.  I miscalculated sizes because I thought Tetris boards have 12 cells across.  Wrong, of course.  Typical Tetris cells are 10×20.  >.<  My squares were thus much too small so now the squares ALL look like this.

second pile of yarn

In other news I finished the Art Assignment’s Intimate, Indispensible GIF.  It’s a crocheted GIF (shocking, I know), but crochet really is important to me.  I’ve also amassed some materials for Make A Rug.  I don’t really have clothes that I can sacrifice to the cause I’ve started looking to collect old sheets and large blocks of unused fabrics.  I really lucked out in that I met some wonderfully nice people when I went to a local Knit Night at the Temple Terrace Twisted Threads yarn store.  It’s a wonderful yarn store that specializes in alternative yarns.  There’s this one really soft yarn and when I asked about it I found out it was made blending plant fiber and milk protein!  In my head the exchange was something like this:

Me: Wow, this yarn is nice.  What’s it made from?

Store Owner: Oh, soy and milk.

Me: Milk?! No way!

Store Owner: Whey!

But only in my head because I live in a world of terrible puns.  It is luscious by the way.

But I digress, while I was at the knit night I brought up the fact that I was doing the Art Assignment, but needed to amass some materials and a woman there mentioned that her church had a member’s only thrift store where they raised money for charity and collected material donations for the poor.  A lot of the things they end up with are bought at estate sales and this includes boxes of random fabric pieces, usually pretty large ones.  She asked if that would work and if so I could take what I wanted out of it.  All in all I ended up with a huge mound of fabric.  About half of it now looks like this!

stripped fabric 

It’s hard to see, but that pile of fabric has been cut into strips.  And that’s only half!

And to wrap things up, here is my GIF.  I’ll also be posting it to Square Peg, Round Hole, so apologies for cross posting.

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Productive? What’s that?

I’m sure it comes to no one’s surprise that I haven’t been as productive this year as I would have liked.  Sure, I recently moved, but that’s not really a great excuse anymore.  I haven’t been a total slacker though; I’ve been churning out granny square blocks for my Tetris blanket when I want something to do with my hands while waiting.

Tacheton wanted in on the shot


Tacheton (my cat) clearly thinks you’d rather have a picture of him and who am I to argue with that face. XD I’ve got the acid green and blinding yellow down with some black empty space squares, but I really should get the other colors as well.  I figure I’ll just make ridiculous quantities of squares and then just set them up how I see fit when it comes time to actually assemble the blanket.  I’ve also been working on my MLP:FiM design, though I’m a little stuck on the head.  Show accuracy is really important to me so I’m waffling over which design I like better and would really appreciate an outsider opinion.  So here are my head designs.  For reference the pony in the upper left corner was my main model. The poll will be open for one week, please make your opinion known below!  I welcome comments and criticism.


Female Head 1
Female Head 1


Female Head 2
Female Head 2


MLP:FiM body
I’m also working on the body shaping right now.   I think instead of making the neck a second piece that I have to sew on, I’m going to try surface crocheting it on.  I’ve only had one other experience with surface crochet, I’m sure you remember, so I’ll have to be really exacting on this.  As soon as I’ve got the pattern worked out, I’ll post a copy here and hopefully will be able to work on out as a pdf. *does the I don’t know what I’m doing dance*

Finishing up the basic pattern is my goal for this week, we’ll see.