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Another project down? I’m on a roll!

Anyone who knows me personally can attest that I’m awful about getting projects finished.  I’m working on getting better at that, but I’m still lagging on some of my Christmas presents from last year so…..  As is I’m planning on making out a list of projects I have promised to others and myself, it’ll probably end up titled something geeky like UFOs Listing, but I’m still working on it so there’s time yet.  I’ll strike out projects as I finish them.

As is I get to cross off one from my unfinished list:  The Pittsburgh Penguins I owed my sister for Christmas!


Sid ended up with a heavier bottom. XD

I struggled with those numbers on the back for the longest time.  At first I thought I’d crochet the numbers and sew them on. That worked for the 7 and 1, 8 would not cooperate.  So I thought, “slip stitch surface crochet!”… Yeah, that looked really weird.  So surface crochet yes, but full stitches.  That eight took three tries. >.<  But it was totally worth it!  They turned out pretty well I think.  AND THEY’RE DONE! YES!


My next project focus is the Fluttershy I was supposed to make another sister for Christmas.  Since you can’t rush art and I’m a little obsessed about show accuracy I’m giving myself a slight pass on this one.  I’m picking it back up now, though I’m struggling to work out the head.  I’ll probably post in progress pics soon.  I’ve also gotten started on a Tetris blanket for myself.  Ever since I finished the baby blanket it feels really weird to just sit and read or watch a movie/show.  I keep wanting something to do with my hands so I found a Granny Square pattern I liked and started making them.  I go out three rounds or so and then slip stitch in black around.  I like the effect.


At this point I’ve got six or so done in yellow and a couple in solid black.  I’ve got some acid green hanging around, but I’ll have to look into getting the other colors eventually.  I’ll post more as I make them.




I’m moving in the extremely near future which means I’ll hopefully be able to post some other projects soon as well.  If I do something really interesting in the kitchen I’ll post about that too.

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Conquering demons

Hey, so I have recently managed to conquer a particular personal demon: the baby blanket.  Sure, other crocheters churn these out like nothing and like doing it.  Me? I have a notoriously short attention span and when something bores or frustrates me too much I tend to toss it away like a two year-old that needs a nap.  This blanket is for a dear friend of mine’s first baby, so I was greatly invested in completing it.  Which is good because I’ve had other failed baby blanket making attempts for people less close to me.

Pros: it was super simple in design, just a square that kept getting larger in a cute and attractive, but easy pattern.  I successfully watched subtitled anime while crocheting this and didn’t fuck it up beyond recognition.  I just had to keep an eye out for the occasionally split stitch.

Cons: If there wasn’t something else keeping my attention I was bored out of my skull.  It also started to get shockingly heavy and unwieldy at the end.

hours of my life
A baby blanket for a good friend

I’m really pleased with how it turned out and the picot edging looks really nice to me.  I’m inexplicably happy that I got to end on yellow.  Of the three colors I used, I just think the yellow makes the best edging.  Also, I’m basically having to relearn crochet right now because I got acrylic nails and they are messing with me something fierce.

I also have some Pittsburgh Penguins I’m finishing up for my sister (they were supposed to be for Christmas, but I’m chronically late with that stuff).  Those I intend to finish by this weekend as well.

Oh, I’m also going to be teaching a crochet class.  If you’d like to hear more abut it visit my other blog here.