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These are the ends I die upon…

I’m being a tad overdramatic here, I know, but I have to confess that sewing up a garment is a shockingly  nerve-wracking experience.  The other night I sewed up the shoulder seams and they turned out BEAUTIFUL!

I was incredibly proud that I I only had to undo my sewing once on the first shoulder and they both turned out nicely.

I was a bit surprised that it was so easy and I would have continued on except that my sweet Tacheton decided he wanted to help (by which I mean he wanted to sleep on it). 
So that was a bit derailing and I figured I could save the sleeves for tonight, they shouldn’t take me more than an hour, right?


Foolish, so foolish.  I have since realized that sleeves are a special kind of jigsaw puzzle that require a lot of careful sewing to actually make look even remotely nice. *hint* I have yet to succeed in making even half a sleeve look nice.  I’ve been aiming for an interior seam as I was advised by a fellow crafter, but she works with knitting so things work a bit different.  I’ll try sewing it up from the exterior and if I can make it look good I’ll go with that, but I’m also tempted to try running a row of slip-stitching all along the edge I have to sew and see if that would work as a guide.

This may have to wait until Sunday, but I’ll let you know by Monday how it all went down.  For now I’m going to relax with some easy produce bag crochet.

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Prepster jacket it may be…

But I obviously can’t prep anything to save my life.  Less than a week into the new posting schedule and I’m already messing it up.  I missed a post last Friday and thought about posting Saturday, but by then it was Sunday so I figured I’d just wait until Monday anyway.  Truthfully it was a really busy weekend of running around and looking at potential living spaces because my lease is up in February and I’ll be damned if I’m staying at my current complex a week more, much less a year.  There was lots of disappointment all around for the most part, though a few promising options and I’ll be looking for more in the coming weeks.  I wasn’t a total slacker this week because I did finish all the pieces to my jacket. (This is Red Heart Boutique Treasure in Portrait, by the by.)

Wooo! Now I just need to weave in all the ends and sew it together.  I’m not terrified of f-ing it up at all! >.>  The more realistic fear is that I’ve taken my sweet time with actually crocheting the damn thing and I’ve put on weight.  I’m worried that I’m going to finish it up, it will look amazing and then it won’t fit me. ;_; That would be tragic.

In other news I definitely don’t have enough yarn for the Mew so I have to figure out what to do there and I’ll probably be hitting up a Michael’s this week to price out what I would need to finish it up.  I’ll also be working out the written version of the pattern for some produce bags I made for my sister and I hope to post those on Friday as well.


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Ok, so this is going to look like a copy from another post I’ve made previously because of how much frogging I’ve had to do lately.  The two projects I’ve been carrying around are the Prepster Jacket and my Diana Shawl.  I just switch off working between them and have made some nice, measurable progress.

IMG_1101 IMG_1102

Apologies for bad picture quality and framing, I took these on the fly at a cafe when I had access to wifi.

I think I’m going to have to set them aside one of these evenings though because while I do like that I just get to work on them and I can watch a movie or talk while working on them, I’d like some instant gratification and nothing gives instant gratification like amis!  Besides I have that back log I have to work through and I haven’t even really started it and the year’s pretty much half over.  If I actually want to finish my UFOs, make a few Christmas presents, finish my Amigurumi line, AND open an etsy shop that actually has things to sell I’m really going to need to kick it into high gear!

I think I’m going to set a goal of an amigurumi a week unless I’m working from scratch designing something and then I’ll give myself a bit more leeway.  I still really want to do the Mendell Palace dolls and fully intend to along with making some variations on the MLP:FiM design I’m working on.  I’d really like to at least make up a pattern for boy ponies.

I do have some bad news to report.  The Upcycle Trading Company I like so much might not be around for much longer, the original owner is moving to New York and I’m not entirely sure about it’s future.  It’s found a more or less permanent home in the Ybor Daily Market which seems to be primarily a coffee shop, but also seems to be a pop-up shop location for various local vendors and craftspeople.  There are still things available to buy and I did luck out on my last visit when I managed to snag this really nice roving.  I’m not sure how many ounces it is, what the fiber content is, or who made it, but I can tell you that I’ve decided on a colorway name: Cotton Candy because it absolutely looks like cotton candy.

Next time I’m in I’ll ask what the fate of Upcycle is and if they’re planning on keeping it open I might start volunteering some time to straighten things out, they were kind of a horrible jumbled mess last I was there.  Oh, they do have a cool program which is you can fill a particular sized bag and pay a flat rate for it: small is $5, medium is $15, and large is $25 and trust me the bags get pretty big and if you’re good with packing you could fit a LOT in there.

Well, until I actually have the amigurumi schedule underway my only real progress has been the aforementioned reworks, though keep your eyes open because I might have the first episode of Rome Improvement up soon featuring me absolutely failing at spinning yarn with a drop spindle!

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Putting off till tomorrow is asking to get bit in the butt

So back in March I believe, I started the Happy Hooker Prepster Jacket.  I liked the design, the pattern was pretty easy, and it was working up well.  Bad news: I realize halfway up the back that I’ve underestimated my size!  -_- Good news: I don’t have a finished sweater jacket that is too small to actually wear.  Bad news: I still had to rip back what I’d done of the back and start over.  So I frog and then do the back in the right size.

Prepster jacket back 

(I also did part of the left front!)

Prepster Jacket left front

More bad news:  I did both sleeves first in the original size so now they won’t match up properly and I have to rip them back and start over.  Worse news:  While I love the yarn I’m working with, Red Heart Boutique Treasure colorway Portrait, it’s a soft woolen yarn that’s fuzzy and makes beautiful stripes and is a bear to rip out.  It’s not mohair, but it definitely takes patience.

Prepster jacket sleeves frogging

(Update: I have finished frogging the sleeves and my fingers are so sore!  But I did get to play with my new ball winder to wind everything back up! XD)

Worst news: I worked on it really steadily for a while then I set it aside so I could work on another project and have managed to completely forget which hook I was using.  ARGH!  I don’t feel like swatching again so I think I’m going to just pick up the one I think I was using and start the sleeves as a stand-in.  I have to measure as I go anyway so I’ll just check the gauge then and make adjustments (i.e. frog EVERYTHING) as needed.  The best part is the project I set the jacket aside for was the shawl that I had to rip back last month because I messed up that pattern too.  I feel like I’m going more frogging than crochet lately. XD  Well, it’s all part of the progress and speaking of processes I’m taking up spinning!  I’ve decided on my first wool to try, I have the spindle, and I’ve got books.  So far I haven’t been able to even get it started, but when I actually make something, and it will be a horrible something I’m sure, I’ll make sure to post about my failure.