NaKniCroMo Week 3: Favorites Day 13 & 14: WIPs and Fave Fiber

Day 13 WIP Wednesday:

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, but I’ve hit a real stride with the blanket so I’m not going to lie, I’m mostly focusing on it right now, but I am in the home stretch.


This is the final entrelac row and after that I’m all about border and bind off. After that I’m washing it because it’s been dragged all over kingdom come and makes me kind of twitchy.

Week 3 Favorites: Day 14 Favorite Fiber:

While I understand the appeal of acrylics these days I’m pretty much fully a fiber snob and use natural fibers almost exclusively. This is partially an environmental thing, but it’s also because most natural fibers feel nicer. I’ve had a lot of yarn that I like, but I want to highlight one in particular: Freia Fine Handpaints ombré Laceweight alpaca and silk.


Here are two examples of the colorways and there are many more. It works up beautifully, especially for shawls and stuff, here’s one I made for my mother.


I will totally admit that ripping it back can be a real pain and make you want to cry, but in general working with it is an absolute joy.