So the WWK(C)IP Day event was a gigantic

So the WWK(C)IP Day event was a gigantic no show.  Seriously, I was the only one there, but luckily I have no shame so I just sat in the shop window and crocheted my little heart out.  I got some seriously good work done, completing some UFOs and stuff.  Nothing that was technically on my list of UFOs, but it’s still progress!

scarf with edging

This was that scarf I goofed on.  It’s finally finished and now I have no idea what to do with it.

All four of the yarn bombs I made.

These are the yarn bombs I finished up.


IMG_0158 IMG_0159

IMG_0160 IMG_0161

And those are the places I left them.  Two on the streets proper and two in two of my favorite places in Ybor City, Tampa Upcycle and Yo Boys frozen yogurt.

Next year I’ll be much better prepared for WWK(C)IP Day AND IYBD.  This year IYBD did get rained out for me though, so I don’t feel too bad.

Aw well,  laters!

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All right, so something I didn’t mention yesterday is that I was supposed to host a crochet demo at the Etsy Craft Party in St. Petersburg, FL.  Unfortunately my new job conflicts with this and there’s no way to really fix that.  Sadly I will not be able to do the demo or attend the party, but anyone in the area who would be interested in going should absolutely drop in.  It’s from 5pm til 9pm and they have tons of cool demos and vendors to see.

On a more positive note, my IYBD might have been rained out (because it really, really was even though I did have several amis all ready. -_-), but I can still participate in WWK(C)IPD!  It’s weird that they say day and the event is an entire week, but that’s cool because I’m flexible.  So this Saturday I’ll get to host a Knit(crochet) in at the Roosevelt 2.0 in Ybor where the amazing Tampa Upcycle can be found.  The event’s going to run from noon to 5pm and I’m going to offering basic lessons in crochet from anyone who asks.

Since it’s so last minute I don’t think it’ll be a huge turn-out, but I’m still looking forward to the event. ^^

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Coming Soon!

(For full effect read next sentence if the voice of Dr. Farnsworth)

Good news everyone!

There have been a few very positive developments lately.  A local con has brought a talented artist to my door (all right, it’s my boyfriend’s door as I’m mooching off him for the time being, but she’s still in the area) and I’m looking into hiring her to do my logo! Kitsune is an artist that I’ve admired for years and have recently been given the pleasure of getting to know on a personal level.  I can’t guarantee the fit of her art to my logo, but I thought I’d at least talk to her.  This also gives me an excuse to check out Necronomicon, which I’ve been a bit curious about.  I’m not going to be spending money on a ticket (can’t afford it anyway), but I figure I can ghost the room a bit or something.  We’ll see.

Next on the list is the exciting local event that’s occurring at one of my favorite Ybor City stores, Tampa Upcycle.  They may not carry the nicest yarns all the time, but I do love the recycle attitude they have.  Not to mention, I scored a TON of really nice, vintage safety eyes for practically nothing!  This December they’re going to hold a local craft fair and I’m hoping to get in as a vendor.  I’ve got a lot of work to finish up before then if I want to be a vendor though.  I have to finish setting up my etsy store (which I will absolutely link back here when it’s finished) and put up some nice pictures.  It is juried so wish me luck on the selection committee!

As always in the world of Otakraft, I’m procrastinating a bit though and I really should get around to finishing up my keychain/cell strap patterns.  I’m also hoping to make up some crochet jewelry and hair accessories to round my presentation out a bit.  Maybe bang out a bag or two… 

Things are getting busy, but I have every intention of keeping up with this blog to keep everyone informed.  I’ll also be adding a tumblr or twitter and a facebook in the near future so you can look for updates there as well.

Well, I’m off to craft.  Take care everyone!