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The Cat in the Hat, not just a book anymore

Ta-da!  As promised the cat in the hat I crocheted!  All things considered I like to think it’s turned out well.  I got a few quick picks right after I’d finished hooking in the bits for the mohawk and then one when it was finished.

My cat is really thrilled that I got this book, you just don’t know.

I’ve got about 15 inches of the scarf and I’m trying to decide if I want to guy more yarn or just turn it into a cowl and give it some buttons.  I’ll play around with it and figure it out, though I don’t have any current pictures of my progress.  In other news I’ve taken up my Tetris blanket now that I’ve got the cyan and the squares are working up quickly.  Once these are done I think I’m going to get all my squares together and kind of start piecing the blanket out so see if I have enough.  I’ll take a picture sometime of all the finished squares thus far.

I have really high hopes for this month including getting some patterns finished up and posted!  We have a pairs theme for this month in the Amigurumi Army and I think I want to tackle a matching Nidoran♂ and Nidoran♀ pattern set.  Those would be free, of course.  I’ll also be finishing up the prepster jacket this month and I plan to get some spinning done as well.  I’ll make sure to keep posted.

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Crochet: the county-line dancing craft

One step forward, one step back.  Two steps forward, two steps back and then a big step to the left.

In many ways that’s crochet in a nutshell, you crochet up a row of chains just to realize a row or two later you somehow don’t have enough/have too many so you have to rip back (or if you’re lazy like me, add or subtract stitches through inc/dec).  And as it turns out the pretty alpaca I post about last time is basically crochet on hard mode.  It’s not proud mode because I’m not working with glorified dental floss, but it was definitely a headache at the beginning.  All those pretty, cushy chain plys that make up the yarn work up to a very confusing looking snarl.

What am I even looking at?!

That aside the colors are lovely together and it does work up to a very elastic fabric that has a nice textured look.  This is the finished headband using the Peace Leaf Headband pattern from Tawana’s Cute Crochet blog using HiKoo Yarn’s SimpliCria in red and sky.

I think it turned out lovely.  Do you know what it wasn’t?  The right size.  Because of the elasticity of the yarn and the fact that I was worried about making it too small I ended up making it too large!  Sure it’ll fit, but it’ll be loose and probably kind of annoying or uncomfortable.  So in the end, as I have so many time before, I find myself back at this stage.

I’m kind of grateful that I was able to frog the entire project though, on my foundation row it was looking like the stitches didn’t want to come apart and while I wouldn’t have lost much yarn, it’s really not a cheap yarn at $10/95 yrds per skein.  On the plus side once I figured out how to do the Spike Cluster Stitch it went very smoothly and was pretty darn fun, I really like the result too so I’ll keep it in mind for future embellishment, like maybe around a sock cuff or something.

I was also digging through my yarn yesterday and found this!

Looks like the perfect color to continue my tetris blanket.  Yeah, you thought I’d just stopped making that, didn’t you?  Well I haven’t.  I periodically add new squares to it using the yarns I’ve got hanging around, though I’m hoping I end up with enough to actually finish the blanket soon.  >.> I still need to find cyan yarn.

I’m also hoping to start that amigurumi a week project as well, or at least a crochet project a week.  We’ll see.

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Projects on the hook and more

Ok, on the subject of radio silence I have a really good explanation: I spent the better part of March moving (which was a mess) into an apartment with a host of problems all its own.  Add to this that my phone was stolen recently so I’m actually completely out of a computer and a camera at home for the moment, though at this point I’m going to have to suck it up and do something about it.  If you’d like a more complete version of events check out my other blog, especially Reel Big Fish Everything Sucks and Home row key smashing.

During this time though I haven’t been totally slacker.  I’ve finished two more skeins of squares for my tetris blanket, they’re really starting to add up.  I still need to make the blue and cyan squares but I’ll have to dig through my yarn to find it, most of it’s pretty jumbled from the move.

I’ve also completed the body of the shawl I was working on, I just need to select a yarn for the border and figure out where the pattern went. >.>  Also I need to block it because it’s curling something fierce, but I can’t decide if I should finish it first or block it now before adding the border.

The MLP:FiM pattern is actually in the final stages of completion, I just have to work out the back legs and it will be done!  I’ve already gotten to work on my sister’s long promised Fluttershy.  The line from hock to knee is the tricky bit I’m still working on.

I’ve also started work on the Prepster Jacket from The Happy Hooker, I’ve got one sleeve and I’m working on the other right now.

In other news, because of some design differences in my current place, my cat box doesn’t fit beside my toilet anymore.  I bought a trunk a good while ago to make a hidden cat box from, but haven’t gotten around to it.  The fact that my cat’s litter box is hanging out right in front of my door (one of the few non-carpeted places in my apartment) should be pretty good impetus to actually convert the trunk that’s been sitting empty for a good long while.  I’m also thinking about finally getting around to making a craft closet for myself.  I don’t just want a place to store things, I wanted to build a crafting space into the closet itself and intended to have a shelf at working height inside and a small table I could swing out in an L-shape for extra space.  I have design ideas, but not a lot of experience in the area so I think I’ll invest in a fairly inexpensive used armoire for my first try.

When I actually have some way to record what I’m planning on doing and can get around to it (I have a other problems I need to take care of first), I’ll definitely update things with pictures.

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Yarn, new crochet skills, TETRIS!

So this week hasn’t been as productive as I would like it to have been (when is this not the case?), or rather not obviously productive.  I did learn how to broomstick lace crochet (really cool, but tricky at first) and I really have this video to thank.  I needed to learn so I could crochet my sister an infinity scarf.  I’m using this pattern, but I’ll actually twist it to make it a true Mobius.   The yarn I’m using is absolutely gorgeous.  I was originally going to use a spare PVC pipe I had laying around, but I thought the loops looked too big and awkward so I’ve down-sized to a more moderate wooden dowel.  I just need to sand it a bit to make sure it doesn’t snag on the yarn (I had a picture of the dowel, but wordpress has decided it doesn’t like it.  I’ll take another pic when the scarf is in progress).

Aptly named, wouldn't you say?
Aptly named, wouldn’t you say?

Luckily I’m not the one who bought it, because it’s predictably a pretty penny.  My sister bought it on the condition that I’d make the scarf for her.  I’m really looking forward to working with this yarn, it’s so lovely.  I’ve also made some headway on my new tetris squares, look at them all!

Tetris squares everywhere!

I’ve also got blue, but I need to hunt up some cyan and magenta.  I originally thought I could use my lavender Red Heart, but I don’t think the color’s bright enough.  Oh and if case you were wondering about that pile of unraveled squares.  Yeah, I straightened them all out and reattached the yarn pieces together so I could wind them all back into balls.  It was time consuming.

Since I’ll be visiting my family over Labor Day I don’t know how much I’m going to get done, but I figure I’ll bring tetris square stuff and also my Art Assignment work.  Hopefully I’ll have something more substantial by the end of the weekend.

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The story so far….

So all those Tetris squares I had finished?  This is what they look like now.

first pile of yarn 

I realized that if I wanted to use the zipper stitch to attach them together (which I do, it’s a very nice look), the edging I’d given them would get in the way.  Why didn’t I just take off the edging?  I did for a few of them, but most didn’t have enough end yarn to finish off the squares so I had to unravel them so I can rework them slightly better.  Turns out this isn’t such a big deal for my poor Tetris blanket though.  I miscalculated sizes because I thought Tetris boards have 12 cells across.  Wrong, of course.  Typical Tetris cells are 10×20.  >.<  My squares were thus much too small so now the squares ALL look like this.

second pile of yarn

In other news I finished the Art Assignment’s Intimate, Indispensible GIF.  It’s a crocheted GIF (shocking, I know), but crochet really is important to me.  I’ve also amassed some materials for Make A Rug.  I don’t really have clothes that I can sacrifice to the cause I’ve started looking to collect old sheets and large blocks of unused fabrics.  I really lucked out in that I met some wonderfully nice people when I went to a local Knit Night at the Temple Terrace Twisted Threads yarn store.  It’s a wonderful yarn store that specializes in alternative yarns.  There’s this one really soft yarn and when I asked about it I found out it was made blending plant fiber and milk protein!  In my head the exchange was something like this:

Me: Wow, this yarn is nice.  What’s it made from?

Store Owner: Oh, soy and milk.

Me: Milk?! No way!

Store Owner: Whey!

But only in my head because I live in a world of terrible puns.  It is luscious by the way.

But I digress, while I was at the knit night I brought up the fact that I was doing the Art Assignment, but needed to amass some materials and a woman there mentioned that her church had a member’s only thrift store where they raised money for charity and collected material donations for the poor.  A lot of the things they end up with are bought at estate sales and this includes boxes of random fabric pieces, usually pretty large ones.  She asked if that would work and if so I could take what I wanted out of it.  All in all I ended up with a huge mound of fabric.  About half of it now looks like this!

stripped fabric 

It’s hard to see, but that pile of fabric has been cut into strips.  And that’s only half!

And to wrap things up, here is my GIF.  I’ll also be posting it to Square Peg, Round Hole, so apologies for cross posting.

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Productive? What’s that?

I’m sure it comes to no one’s surprise that I haven’t been as productive this year as I would have liked.  Sure, I recently moved, but that’s not really a great excuse anymore.  I haven’t been a total slacker though; I’ve been churning out granny square blocks for my Tetris blanket when I want something to do with my hands while waiting.

Tacheton wanted in on the shot


Tacheton (my cat) clearly thinks you’d rather have a picture of him and who am I to argue with that face. XD I’ve got the acid green and blinding yellow down with some black empty space squares, but I really should get the other colors as well.  I figure I’ll just make ridiculous quantities of squares and then just set them up how I see fit when it comes time to actually assemble the blanket.  I’ve also been working on my MLP:FiM design, though I’m a little stuck on the head.  Show accuracy is really important to me so I’m waffling over which design I like better and would really appreciate an outsider opinion.  So here are my head designs.  For reference the pony in the upper left corner was my main model. The poll will be open for one week, please make your opinion known below!  I welcome comments and criticism.


Female Head 1
Female Head 1


Female Head 2
Female Head 2


MLP:FiM body
I’m also working on the body shaping right now.   I think instead of making the neck a second piece that I have to sew on, I’m going to try surface crocheting it on.  I’ve only had one other experience with surface crochet, I’m sure you remember, so I’ll have to be really exacting on this.  As soon as I’ve got the pattern worked out, I’ll post a copy here and hopefully will be able to work on out as a pdf. *does the I don’t know what I’m doing dance*

Finishing up the basic pattern is my goal for this week, we’ll see.

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Another project down? I’m on a roll!

Anyone who knows me personally can attest that I’m awful about getting projects finished.  I’m working on getting better at that, but I’m still lagging on some of my Christmas presents from last year so…..  As is I’m planning on making out a list of projects I have promised to others and myself, it’ll probably end up titled something geeky like UFOs Listing, but I’m still working on it so there’s time yet.  I’ll strike out projects as I finish them.

As is I get to cross off one from my unfinished list:  The Pittsburgh Penguins I owed my sister for Christmas!


Sid ended up with a heavier bottom. XD

I struggled with those numbers on the back for the longest time.  At first I thought I’d crochet the numbers and sew them on. That worked for the 7 and 1, 8 would not cooperate.  So I thought, “slip stitch surface crochet!”… Yeah, that looked really weird.  So surface crochet yes, but full stitches.  That eight took three tries. >.<  But it was totally worth it!  They turned out pretty well I think.  AND THEY’RE DONE! YES!


My next project focus is the Fluttershy I was supposed to make another sister for Christmas.  Since you can’t rush art and I’m a little obsessed about show accuracy I’m giving myself a slight pass on this one.  I’m picking it back up now, though I’m struggling to work out the head.  I’ll probably post in progress pics soon.  I’ve also gotten started on a Tetris blanket for myself.  Ever since I finished the baby blanket it feels really weird to just sit and read or watch a movie/show.  I keep wanting something to do with my hands so I found a Granny Square pattern I liked and started making them.  I go out three rounds or so and then slip stitch in black around.  I like the effect.


At this point I’ve got six or so done in yellow and a couple in solid black.  I’ve got some acid green hanging around, but I’ll have to look into getting the other colors eventually.  I’ll post more as I make them.




I’m moving in the extremely near future which means I’ll hopefully be able to post some other projects soon as well.  If I do something really interesting in the kitchen I’ll post about that too.