UFO Spotted

*Trumpets blow, Confetti drifts down from excited revelers* Yes, yes it’s true! This day has finally come! At long last I have finished a project! *Crowds cheer* Ok, so that’s a touch dramatic, but considering my track record over the last year I’m going to take my victories where I find them. Here is the…

Tried It: Fabric Twine

Ok, so this craft makes absolutely no sense if you don’t just happen to have fabric scraps from your own crafting or know someone you can get fabric scraps from (more likely than you’d think). You can also score fabric odds and ends at like Joann’s cheap too if you really want to try this….

2018: WIPed into shape

There’s an idea that you shouldn’t carry baggage from the old year into the new one. I don’t think that’s a bad idea really, but considering the time investment some craft and DIY projects have I think we can safely say there’s some wiggle room there. That said I do have a number of WIP…

What Haven’t I Done?

It’s been busy in the craft department these 2 weeks…well, as compared to my previous weeks of… nothing or mostly nothing anyway. From crochet, to cross stitch, to jewelry making, and back to crochet I’ve been having some fun reacquainting myself to the joys of working with my hands.

Hey Commish! Alternative Title: God my hands hurt.

Last Thursday a friend of mine asked if I would mind crocheting a blanket for her sister’s baby shower. She has yarn and a pattern picked out. Now I’m the kind of person who, when a friend asks me to do something like this I’m usually willing if they pay for the yarn, my friend…

Putting the Crash in Crash Course

That sewing machine I own that has long been collecting dust is finally going to see some action! In the past couple months the library I work at has started to offer sewing classes and workshops. The problem? There’s only one instructor right now and that just won’t do, so crash course learning it is!

Graphgan…Save me from “clever” names

If you know me, you know I love puns. I live for them, I enjoy them being used, I enjoy using them…most of the time. I can’t pinpoint exactly what I despise about this naming pun so much, but I do, I really really do. I don’t find it funny or clever, just painful and…

Yarn Bombing

(Please note: the yarn bomb pictured is not mine, but it was too nice not to share. Awesome job Knits for Life!) It’s been a while since I’ve yarn bombed anything, my Ravelry group is very dead, as is the FB group I made for it. The idea of yarn bombing still makes me really happy and…

The future of Otakraft

Happy New Year! Time to make up some new excuses for why I did practically nothing last year!  Hmmm, let’s try honesty, I was lazy and didn’t put in the effort.  Oh, except a shawl I was working on for my mother for Christmas, let me tell you how that went… Just not well at all….